LAN Script (Online-play) for The Run by Hypercycle, And799, mRally2

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LAN Script (Online-play) for The Run

- Video: Installation & launch
- Video: Gameplay
v1 (May 29 2024)

This mod allows you to bring The Run multiplayer mode back, in form of dedicated servers.
Despite of some broken elements like joining after the server start, it's still a great way to experience The Run gameplay together with other players.
The Run game version required.
Notice: original Multiplayer menus & Autolog activities is not available.

Make sure to read useful text on Docs folder! It will help you to understand Server/Client launch and gameplay process better.

- Playlists mode, with Session Voting & Rewards
- Any game vehicle can be used for Online-play, including unreleased on hidden cars
- Server customization: Traffic settings, Force players cars, Force starting Session
- Client customization: Intro skip, Disable assists, Force player car
- Compatible with regular single-player The Run


AlexandreGamerYT01 (June 12, 2024 @ 00:05)
Thanks Bro

Ariso (June 02, 2024 @ 23:47)
Actual legend(s)

HarGabt (June 01, 2024 @ 11:07)
Ну, вы и геи, пацаны [1]

Magnisimus (June 01, 2024 @ 09:01)
Ну, вы и геи, пацаны

Fizu (May 31, 2024 @ 15:31)
i love you


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