Enhanced Difficulty Selector by HectorDreemur16

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Enhanced Difficulty Selector

Enhanced Difficulty Selector

The 'Enhanced Difficulty Selector' is a modscript designed to increase the game's difficulty, making replaying it more satisfying. It offers options to configure the blacklist and random runners, and I have worked to balance it as best as possible.

The mod can be uninstalled without issues and is easily configurable using a text editor (notepad). The SkillLevel parameter controls the bot's ability to avoid crashes, while 0xb1ece070 acts as an acceleration multiplier.

How To Install:

  • 1) Download NFS-VltEd v4.6 or newer.
  • 2) Launch NFS-VltEd.
  • 3) File -> Import -> ModScript -> Enhanced Difficulty Selector.nfsms
  • 4) Set up and install.
  • 5) File -> save.

Do whatever you want with the mod, I didn't create the game or its codes, all I did was modify some values in NFS-VltEd to make the game the way I like it, and I'm just sharing it with you. I don't understand why that should have copyright.


HectorDreemur16 (July 02, 2024 @ 01:31)
@Moises115 You can manually increase the difficulty by adding 0.05 (more or less) points to each "0xb1ece070" in the "expert" section (ui_option my_radio_button_2 option4), but keep in mind that there comes a point where you can't increase the difficulty anymore because the character's car won't go any faster. This happens with Webster, Bull, and Razor.

Moises115 (June 24, 2024 @ 03:42)
Can you make the IA even harder? as an impossible option haha It's still easy.

Sami (June 13, 2024 @ 05:55)
deberias crear uno,asi mas gente se entera delmod

RedkleR (June 10, 2024 @ 02:04)
@HectorDreemur16, Que pena

HectorDreemur16 (June 09, 2024 @ 21:11)
@RedkleR Nop, no tengo discord y me da flojera crearme uno xD

Uploaded at: June 06, 2024 @ 12:15