Dummy Car for Need For Speed Underground 2 by Harra

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Dummy Car for Need For Speed Underground 2


Dummy Car for Need For Speed Underground 2 v0.1 by Harra |

This mod adds an, unusable, dummy car to the game so you can skip the cars slots which lag the game when adding Add-on Cars. This is mainly for those with a Steam Deck, or those who don't want to use Modder Mode on Binary.

As far as I know, the 2nd, 4th & 6th added car will lag the game, so use this file to bypass.

Alternatively, in Modder Mode, you can add into CarTypeInfos and add in Dummy Cars yourself, making sure the type is changed to 'Cop', from 'Racer'.

v0.1 -
Initial release
v0.2 -

Binary v2.8.3 - https://nfsmods.xyz/mod/1638

Install Binary.

Extract the mod folder to any location.

Run Binary as Administrator.

Click on User Mode.

In the Binary file selector, go to the extracted mod folder and select "DUMMY1_Installer.end"

Select the NFSU2 directory you want to install the mod to
Select "Install DUMMY1 [ADDON]"

When Binary asks to save files press Yes.

You are now done!

Make sure to create a new save file after installation, or edit an existing save if you know how.

UG2.net Discord for help!


licrsuy (June 26, 2024 @ 09:12)
I think I have some more questions:
Do you know how to modify the steering or weight of a car?
I want BNR34 to have sensitivity like 240SX or RX7
If possible, please let me know what tool to use for modification? Is Binary okay?

Harra (June 20, 2024 @ 21:10)
@licrsuy, This will affect the number yeah, unfortunately.

You can either do this or live with the laggy vehicle entities.

licrsuy (June 20, 2024 @ 15:05)
I have some questions: will it affect the final number of vehicles that can exist
My English is not good. If you don't understand, you can ask me

Uploaded at: June 17, 2024 @ 18:54