100 Tick Steering Sensitivity and TCS Sliders by NEO_NoiseBomb

Category: Interfaces | Game: Need for Speed: Unbound

100 Tick Steering Sensitivity and TCS Sliders

This mod enables Steering Sensitivity and Traction Control to be full on sliders. 100 Ticks from left to right, for precise tweaking of your handling setup.

Downforce slider now has 100 ticks as well to make tweaking that even more precise!

Works with Unbound UNITE Revamped Handling, Kaizen Handling Mod by AntiLoser, and Full Grip Handling Mod by mlevent.

Please place it first at the very bottom of your Frosty Mod Manager for highest load order priority. If using a handling mod, move this lower on the mod list then have your handling mod above it.


NFSNEO (June 25, 2024 @ 15:54)
Move my TCS/SS mod *below* your chosen handling mod in the mod load order list on the right of FMM. My mod has to be under the handling mod so that the sliders can work.

-■ Unbound Unite Revamped Handling
-■ My mod

PJ316 (June 25, 2024 @ 11:21)
So, should I place this at the top or the very bottom? Instructions are unclear xd

Uploaded at: June 23, 2024 @ 03:05