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Are you tired of the same original color HUD? Well, with this mod made by me add new, more vivid and personalized colors to your HUD
green and yellow for the runners and blue and red for the police, a minimap with more vivid colors than the vanilla version
Additionally, this mod adds the black police helicopter as an extra:

(In future versions I plan to add more custom colors)

Custom color for the HUD of the green/vanilla white runners (includes only green version)
Custom color for the blue/red police HUD
Custom color for the yellow/vanilla white runners HUD (includes a yellow only version)
Custom color for the minimap HUD
EXTRA: Helipcopter color texture in black with light blue letters


1. Mandatory download the Frosty Mod manager (version 1.0.61 which is the one I have or higher)
2. Open the Frosty Mod manager and add the mod (look for the folder where I downloaded the mod and choose the color version you want to add)
3. Once you have added the mod it will be added in the left column in frosty mod manager
4. Apply the mod and it will be added to the list of activated mods for the right column
5. Start the game and play

Known issues:

Due to how the frosty mod manager launcher works, the only problem I found is if you installed the green color
and you want to change the yellow but you do not change the position of the mod in your list of mods installed on the right side
A bug is created (Frosty's fault) in which your green hud will continue to be seen even though you installed the yellow one.

Note: It works in the vanilla version of the game and in the Rivals plus version Has compatibility with other mods except mods that change the color of the HUD


Estas cansado del mismo color original del HUD? pues con este mod hecho por mi agrega nuevos colores mas vivos y personalizados a tu HUD
de color verde y amarillo para los corredores y azul y rojo para los policias, un minimapa con colores mas vivos que la version vanila
ademas este mod como extra añade el helicoptero de la policia de color negro

(En un futuras versiones tengo pensado agregar mas colores personalizados)

Color personalizado para el HUD de los corredores de color verde/blanco vanila (incluye version solo verde)
Color personalizado para el HUD de los policias de color azul/rojo
Color personalizado para el HUD de los corredores de color amarillo/blanco vanila (incluye una version solo amarillo)
Color personalizado para el HUD del minimapa
EXTRA:Textura del color del helipcoptero en negro con letras azul celeste


1. Descargar obligatorio el Frosty Mod manager (version 1.0.61 que es la que tengo o superior)
2. Abrir el Frosty Mod manager y añadir el mod (busca la carpeta donde descargo el mod y elije la version de color que quieras añadir)
3. Una vez que haya añadido el mod se agregara en la columna izquierda en frosty mod manager
4. Aplique el mod y se añadera en la lista de mods activados para la columna derecha
5. Iniciar el juego y jugar

Problemas conocidos:

Debido a como funciona el lanzador de frosty mod manager el unico problema que encontre es si instalastes el color verde
y te quieres cambiar el amarillo pero no cambias de posicion el mod en tu lista de mods instalado en la parte derecha
se crea un bug (culpa de frosty) en cual se seguira viendo tu hud verde apesar de que instalastes el amarillo

Nota: Funciona en la version vanila del juego y en la version Rivals plus, tiene compatibilidad con otros mods excepto mods que cambien el color del HUD



Zphr (June 29, 2024 @ 18:41)
Hey, noticed couple of things that could be changed/fixed
1. Cops and Racer icons are "glitched" and look nothing like the original
2. Other player colors doesnt fix the style - on map they are green?? shouldve kept the ones for normal racers (which is darker orange)
3. Cop UI looks like christmas, maybe go full single color - like blue?
4. Would be nice to see red racer UI. Green and yellow dont really fit the vibe

Overall, good mod - i got bored of the current and its quite refreshing to see other colors

Uploaded at: June 27, 2024 @ 09:44