Overhauled Handling by Tonny

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Overhauled Handling

"Overhauled Handling" Modifies the grip and drift traction system for more responsive and stable handling, thus reducing accidents and strange physics of base handling.

It is recommended to turn off the stability, drift and launch control aids. (personal taste)
To have maximum fidelity, increase the steering angle and speed, in addition to leaning the front brakes with high pressure.
You can increase the grip of the wheels to avoid drifting, just try to make the rear wheels have less grip than the front ones.
The mod is compatible with other handling mods, just put "overhauled Handling" as the highest priority and you should have no problems.

Extra Optional Mods:
NoDamageCar: The car does not receive visual damage.
ZeroTumble: Reduces wobble when crashing and reduces the chance of accidents.
Overhauled FI: Upgrades the turbo system to adapt to the new handling. (It is not necessary but the cars may feel a little slow)
Overhauled NOS: Increases the capacity of NOS tanks in addition to modifying the initial and final behavior.

This mod uses Frosty Mod Manager (and just a little tip, the lower the mod is on the applied mod list, the higher priority it has) and to install it:

1. Get the latest version of Frosty Mod Manager from here
2. Open it, click on 'New' and select NFS15's .exe file (NFS16.exe)
3. Click on 'Import Mod(s) and import the .fbmod files
4. Apply the imported mods
5. Launch the game


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Uploaded at: June 29, 2024 @ 19:48