Sanoba Witch Decals Pack by terryzzz

Category: Vinyls | Game: Need for Speed: Unbound

Sanoba Witch Decals Pack

Current compatibility: v7.1.0

Sanoba Witch Decal Pack containing character sets SD image and CG of all five characters.

Apply this mod when creating the wrap, and you can see the modded wrap with or without the mod later on.

However if you go to 'Styles' section without this mod, the modded wrap of the current car will turn to a bunch of flags that are replaced by this mod. You then need to apply this mod again to reload your wrap.

Technically you can use this mod both for SP and MP, and other people can see your modded wraps correctly. If you share the modded wraps, vanilla players will only see unmodded decals, i.e. lots of flags. They have to use this mod after loading a shared wrap to get the modded result.



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Uploaded at: July 03, 2024 @ 15:01