Rog restoration mod by MrAdam

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Rog restoration mod


Welcome to the Rog restoration mod!
This mod restores Rog's and other PS2 demo presets as well as making Rog a blacklist member(Sadly blacklist member 17 cause the prologue is 16 and i cannot move it or the game will crash)
To install this you need VLT-ed:
You also need Extra Options to access Rog and his races:
For Extra Options you basically change MaximumBlacklistRival to 17 or higher.
The rest of things to do in order to install are in the Readmerog.txt file
Known bugs:
Rog's name is a DEFAULT STRING(it's due to the fact Blacklist 17 has no name and we so far cannot add language strings)
His bio is just a default one(again cause we can't yet add language strings,when we can i will fix both of these)
Credit to:
osdever-Preset Editing Tool
trackmaniamatt-Bull's vinyl
Musa-5-1-0 M3 GTR vinyl
elaymm4-The idea of the new gamemode

All update info is gonna appear in the readmerog.txt file


Delatom (July 03, 2018 @ 21:51)
Keep working' on it.
Great Job.

Uploaded at: June 30, 2018 @ 10:59


341880-findthefinish.rar (Size: 5.02MB) Latest Version
6948b0-update1.4.rar (Size: 5.02MB) Old Version
e65a2f-update1.3.rar (Size: 3.36MB) Old Version