Input Deadzones for Controllers by elpollodiablo

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Input Deadzones for Controllers

I am using a quite old Xbox 360 Wireless controller, which developed quite some play (or deadzones) on its left stick, which caused the cars to heavily swerve when attempting to drive a straight line. And because Pro Street won't let us configure Deadzones or accept xinput-files generated with Duranzo and the likes, I used VltEd to modify the deadzones in the game itself. So don't throw away your trusty controller, help is here!

If you don't have it already, install VltEd.

  • Download the Mod
  • Unzip anywhere (.nfsms file)
  • Open VLTed
  • Import unzipped .nfsms file
  • Save
  • Done

  • I only tested this with my setup so I can't give a guarantee that this will work for you
  • Currently the deadzone setting is 20%, so if your controller is in better shape than mine you might want to lower the number in the file from 0.2 to something like 0.1
  • If you experience any issues with this, let me know and I will try and fix it in future versions
  • Hug your mother

Credits :
nfsu360 : VltEd
EA : NFS Pro Street
BlackAttempt : Giving me the hint for using VltEd to fix the issue


TheKrzysiek (March 23, 2020 @ 15:23)
Hi, what value did you change to change the deadzone?

NFSBusiness (July 30, 2018 @ 01:51)
NIce, you should make deadzone mods for other NFS games too

Uploaded at: July 25, 2018 @ 21:51