All Uniques & Best Dyno Tuning Save Game by gRiMBMW

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All Uniques & Best Dyno Tuning Save Game


For Windows XP, extract zip to here:
\Documents and Settings\NAME\Local Settings\Application Data\NFS Underground 2
For Windows 7/8/10, extract zip to here:
\Users\NAME\AppData\Local\NFS Underground 2
^ Where NAME is your XP/7/8/10 account name. Local Settings and Application Data are hidden folders, so you'll need to change folder options to be able to view hidden folders.
Best cars are in Career mode. Please keep Stability Control from in-game Options (Player section) Off in order to make the Suspension Dyno Tuning of these cars effective. All these cars have both Extreme Packages and Unique performance parts installed along with the ECU & Turbo Dyno Tuning glitch.
The Corolla is the best car for Circuit, Sprint, URL, Street-X and Outrun. The 240SX is the best Drag car and the Golf is the best Drift car.
The red & black Corolla has 5 gears and all Unique perf parts installed (except for Unique trans, that would slow it down too) along with glitched ECU & Turbo in Dyno Tuning for the best performance and highest HP.
The white & black Corolla has 5 gears as well, but only Unique Engine, Turbo, and Weight Reduction along with casual ECU & Turbo Dyno Tuning (not gliched). This Corolla can be used to get top times and scores on the following site:
There's a yellow/golden Corolla tuned for Street-X in My Cars, has full Acceleration bias in Drivetrain section of Dyno Tuning.
There's also my R34 in My Cars, which can reach 256 MPH/412 KMH thanks to its adjustements in Drivetrain section of Dyno Tuning.

My NFSU2-Online Discord server:


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