Ported Races Project(MW>Carbon) by MrAdam & Cernodile

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Ported Races Project(MW>Carbon)


Hello to my new project called:Ported Races.
The point of this project is to port races between games whenever the map is ported.
Currently includes:
Mod Completed
To install this you need VLT-ed:
You simply click Open>Your game directory>Import>setup.nfsms.There you have options of what you wish to install out of the mod.
You also need the ported Rockport from nfsu360:
You download it and replace the files in TRACKS.
I recommend you uninstall the mod if you want to play online as this mod breaks the online
Also i recommend using Speedyheart's Carbon Rockport map so you can have properly positioned races on the world map:
A guy that helped me also made a minimap mod so you can have a proper minimap for the Carbon Rockport:
DO NOT touch the races folder.
Credit to:
nfsu360-Ported Rockport from MW
nlgrzgn-For recording a youtube video that i can put
Cernodile-For creating an installer and reducing the install time massively
Vector X-For making the thumbnail


wufeiling (May 22, 2020 @ 06:44)
Challenge event #51 takes too long - requires 75000 bounty from heat 1 cops (heat level doesn't escalate in this mod, and there's no bonus bounty of pursuit duration as in MW).
And there's a mistake in the txt file - the pursuit length milestone for event #70 is actually an hour.😀

MrAdam (August 29, 2018 @ 20:44)
if you install the same thing twice it crashes due to some stuff trying to repeat,you have to restore backups if you want to install the same thing again.

Eclipse72rus (August 28, 2018 @ 18:09)
After installing latest updated my game crashes. I restore backup(original files) and everything works, but if i install again - game crashes after few seconds. Any solution?

MrAdam (August 21, 2018 @ 21:44)
races that aren't gonna be used at all are gonna be removed from the map in the final update and yes i am planning to port the Official Playstation Magazine and Black Edition races.

MarkuZ (August 21, 2018 @ 11:21)
U will delete all races that isn't working?And you will import hidden races and black edition races?

Uploaded at: August 07, 2018 @ 08:32


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5b16e5-Ported Races Project.rar (Size: 23.53KB) Old Version
1705ad-omega.rar (Size: 22.2KB) Old Version
136601-northbayandchase.rar (Size: 21.33KB) Old Version
f457d1-hwy99androute55.rar (Size: 20.27KB) Old Version
e6eb6d-bayshoreandboardwalk.rar (Size: 19.36KB) Old Version
4a8459-unionandhollis.rar (Size: 18.61KB) Old Version
a001ed-rosewoodandlyons.rar (Size: 17.61KB) Old Version
322183-forestandironwood.rar (Size: 16.82KB) Old Version
e36ac9-diamondandstate.rar (Size: 15.53KB) Old Version
8ea68f-rosewooddrive.rar (Size: 14.51KB) Old Version
5208e8-citycenter.rar (Size: 13.78KB) Old Version
ae27fd-hwy4andforestgreen.rar (Size: 12.8KB) Old Version
91fa42-hwy99andstate.rar (Size: 9.87KB) Old Version
fa1840-heritageheights.rar (Size: 9.02KB) Old Version
ca0e31-petersburg.rar (Size: 8.39KB) Old Version
2e3a21-rosewoodcollege.rar (Size: 7.83KB) Old Version
4e836e-fix.rar (Size: 7.69KB) Old Version
981ba6-skyviewandcampus.rar (Size: 7.12KB) Old Version
9b3b18-diamondandunion.rar (Size: 5.85KB) Old Version
ed04b6-ironwoodestates.rar (Size: 4.88KB) Old Version
c517f2-hickleyfield.rar (Size: 4.36KB) Old Version
19c6f5-riverfrontandmarina.rar (Size: 3.7KB) Old Version
49b9c1-waterfrontandcentury.rar (Size: 2.79KB) Old Version
bd85c9-financialandshipyard.rar (Size: 2.12KB) Old Version
a43dec-warrentroad.rar (Size: 1.31KB) Old Version