Carbon Daytime Rockport Edition! (BETA UPDATE 5) by SpeedyHeart

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Carbon Daytime Rockport Edition! (BETA UPDATE 5)

This Simple Mod gives you day time in carbon. This specific version has been fine tuned for the rockport map port to match the shadows in the level. This had been private for awhile and i thought now with rockport would be a great time to release something publically for everybody to use!

All old versions are avalible in the files so if you don't like a new feature or something is buggy you can stay on a version that suits you

Update 5:
Better Car Brightness;
Better Sky + Sun, Clouds now exist properly and the sun interacts with them (although a little too much).

Update 4:
Menu/ garages now have daytime brightness!

Added toggle for the FE Car lighting fix that is usually enabled in the base game

Update 3:
Improvements to the Car Brightness (Wheels should no longer be super bright when near cars)

Fog Values Fixed; In the base game of carbon the fog changes depending on area. this sitll happens in the rockport map port but it just randomly changes so i made it static values. you can still use fog options to override this without any problems!

Reflection values changed to -pi


Fixes car brightness! (Attempted to)

Update 1:

Adds Sky To The Reflection (Experimental. May break cars in reflections)

Fixes Reflection Angles: No more impossible reflections

the sky reflection cuts off due to the fixed reflections, the reflections were weird in the stock game to try and hide this.

Car brightness is sometimes weird due to some weird things that are totally weird.


Ryve (April 18, 2024 @ 19:34)
Is there a way to enable/disable this mod in-game ? It looks really good but I'd like to be sure that I can still play at night without moving the files

evgen (December 14, 2019 @ 16:29)
How to make the headlights glow, in the daytime?

BDawg (August 12, 2018 @ 12:55)
TIP: Disable Motion Blur in Video Advanced Settings to get rid of the squares around foliage/trees.

IsomericGamer2913 (August 11, 2018 @ 11:35)
good job! are dynamic shadows possible in this point?

Uploaded at: August 07, 2018 @ 11:46


bce696-CarbonDaytimeRockport_UPDATE2.7z (Size: 36.73KB) Latest Version
765ec3-CarbonDaytimeRockport_UPDATE5.7z (Size: 36.57KB) Old Version
5243ca-CarbonDaytimeRockport_UPDATE4.7z (Size: 36.28KB) Old Version

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