NFS Payback Customizable Boss Cars P.3 by PaybackModder

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NFS Payback Customizable Boss Cars P.3

NFS Payback Customizable Boss Cars P.3
Game version: 10.51.41148 (June 2018 Patch)

Minor update for FrostyModManager v1.0.4.3

Mod's informations:
Customizable Boss Cars P.3: CARS include cars and customizations only!
Customizable Boss Cars P.3: WRAPS include wrap items and vanity items + fully upgraded stock card packs!

How to install?
Use Frosty Mod Manager (FMM) to install mod files!
Frosty Mod Manager Official Download

Not compatible with any other cars or performance pack mods! Must be enabled this mod only for buying and customizing cars!
Compatible with any other mods what is not include cars or performance packs modifications!

- example: compatible with Unlock All Cars mod, compatible with Disable Traffic Mod, compatible with Remove Parts & Disable Restrictions mod, etc...
For details ask me in comments section!

What does this mod do?
With this mod you're able to pre customize boss cars. The third (and the final) part of this mod series include the next cars:

Nissan Skyline GTR V Spec 1993 "The Unknown Soldier" DRAG/DRIFT/OFFROAD/RACE
Nissan Silvia Silvia Spec-R Aero 2002 "Aki Kimura" DRAG/DRIFT/RACE
Dodge Challenger SRT8 "Winter Coldrim" DRAG/DRIFT/RACE/RUNNER
Ford HotRod 1932 "Halloween" DRAG/DRIFT/RACE
Jaguar F-Type R Coupe 2015 "St. Patrick" DRAG/DRIFT/RACE

How To Use:
1. Buy the cars for 0 IGC.
2. Restart the game without "Customizable Boss Cars P.3: CARS"! (Disable in FMM or delete from FMM) BUT through "Customizable Boss Cars P.3: WRAPS". This mod must be enabled in FMM!
3. After game restart teleport to garage and do some own customizations, ex: change plate or plate text, rims, tires or anything else. Do not change car's paint work or start to do any wrap customizations!
4. Jump to any tuner shop and buy the proper performance packs for cars! (See informations below or FrostyModManager description menu!)
5. Restart the game without "Customizable Boss Cars P.3: CARS & WRAPS" mods and start racing!

Additional informations:
Every single cars contains "Airsuspension & NOS40" bonuses!
Every single performance packs contains fully upgraded stock card packs and extra neons/smokes/nitrous colors!



Deathcofi (November 20, 2018 @ 10:09)
Hey PaybackModder!

Just letting you know that I want to purchase the Nissan Skyline GTR V Spec 1993 "The Unknown Soldier" from the DRIFT Dealership but it gives me a RACE one. Straight out of the Dealer, Tyler is driving it and it really is RACE Class instead of DRIFT class.