Citroen GT by nfsu360 - NEW Performance mod script by TiSonic

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Citroen GT by nfsu360 - NEW Performance mod script

Citroen GT - NEW Performance mod |
for NFS Undercover |
by Ti-Sonic |

This mod contains a whole new performance data based on the specs of the existing model.

In the GT series, this car has three versions, one with based-petrol 5.4 V8 from Ford ( which exists IRL ),
another version which is a Circuit Spec ( fictional ) and the latest one is a hydrogen version, only one gear.

So since most of the versions were fictional, I went with the most interesting one.

You can see the video about it here :


Installation :

You just have to replace the settings.nfsms file in the archive of the original mod. You can also install it after , by using VLT-Ed 4.2.

In order do to that :
1. Open NFS Vlt-Ed v4.2 (with admin rights if you're on Windows 7 or higher) , then open the folder by clicking "File" , then "Open" and select the folder of your game.
Click "File" , then "Import" and select " ModScript ", select "settings.nfsms" in the folder of the mod.

2.Then click on "Close" once the script is imported , and click on "file" , then save. You're ready to play , now ! :D


In NFS-VltEd (v4.2) , go to "Game" and select "Restore Backups", and select "Yes". Then save , and close the software.

Credits :

nfsu360 for this car and this tools
Google, Polyphony Digital , Google and autmobile for the informations
me for calculating these in order to give a proper mod
You for downloading.

I hope you'll enjoy it ! :D


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Uploaded at: August 04, 2017 @ 05:54

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