Gran Turismo Red Bull X2010 Fan Car by aceofsquares3

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Gran Turismo Red Bull X2010 Fan Car

Gran Turismo Red Bull X2010 Fan Car
Replaces Mustang GT
Converted by Aceofsquares3

1.01= LTLGamer provided me with new performance values and a fix for the hood camera. Thank you for that man!

Model and liveries were not created by me. Some Liveries and textures were modified by me.


Car Model by Tuan
UV, textures, skin work created by SandroX
Ferrari Livery created by btk150
Toro Rosso Livery created by playwithwind
Red Bull Dazzle camo created by Lightcruiser

-5 Liveries(More colors in UNIQUE section)
-Headlights On = First Custom Hood
-NFS Shift Driver
-Handling used from LTLGamer's Custom Attributes
-Custom Engine sound from Project Cars
-Working Headlight Reflector

-Sound is pretty good aside from the Carrera GT GIN (It sounds worse if you delete it)
-Ghosting because the game is bad
-Black Front Wheel Shields because that is the only way around it.

Tuan - Car Model
SandroX - UV, textures/skin work
btk150 ( - Ferrari Livery
playwithwind - Toro Rosso Livery
Lightcruiser - Red Bull Dazzle Camo
LTLGamer - New Performace Values
nfsu360 - Tools


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