NFS Payback Iconic Cars Pack by PaybackModder

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NFS Payback Iconic Cars Pack

Iconic Cars Pack
Game version: 10.51.41148 (June 2018 Patch)

Minor update for FrostyModManager v1.0.4.3

Mod informations/What does this mod do?
Unlock and buy iconic cars at the marked dealers. Mod also able to unlock DLC cars (Except: MINI John Cooper Works Countryman and Infiniti Q60 S)

How to install?
Use Frosty Mod Manager (FMM) to install mod files!
Frosty Mod Manager Official Download

Not compatible with any other cars or carpack mods! Must be enabled this mod only for buying cars!
Compatible with any other mods what is not include cars or performance packs modifications!

Example: compatible with Unlock All Cars mod, compatible with Disable Traffic Mod, compatible with Remove Parts & Disable Restrictions mod, etc...
For details ask me in comments section!

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Cars and Dealers:
© Aston Martin DB11 2017 "Gambler" (DRAG/DRIFT/RACE)
© BMW M2 2016 "Trailer Car" (DRAG/DRIFT/RACE)
BMW M3E30 Evo 2 1988 "Super Promotion" (DRAG/DRIFT/OFFROAD/RACE/RUNNER)
© BMW M3E46 2003 "M2Motoring" (DRAG/DRIFT/RACE)
BMW M5 (F90) 2017 "Tyler" (DRAG/DRIFT/RACE/RUNNER)
Chevrolet BelAir 1955 "Mac" (DRAG/DRIFT/OFFROAD/RACE/RUNNER)
© Chevrolet Camaro Z28 2014 "Gambler's Goon Car" (DRAG/DRIFT/RACE/RUNNER)
© Chevrolet Corvette GS 2017 "Lina Navarro" (DRAG/DRIFT/RACE)
© Dodge Challenger SRT 2014 "The House's Goon Car" (DRAG/DRIFT/RACE/RUNNER)
© Ford Mustang GT 2015 "Highway Heist" (DRAG/DRIFT/OFFROAD/RACE/RUNNER)
© Honda NSX Type-R 1992 "Kakimoto Racing Kit" (DRIFT/RACE)
Jaguar F-Type R Coupé 2015 "Drift" (DRAG/DRIFT/RACE)
© Koenigsegg Regera 2015 "Regera License Plate" (DRAG/RACE)
© Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 "Gold Heist" (DRAG/DRIFT/RACE)
© Lamborghini Diablo SV 1995 "Morohoshi-San" (DRAG/DRIFT/RACE)
© McLaren P1 2014 "Lina Navarro" (DRAG/DRIFT/RACE)
© Mercedes Benz AMG G63 2017 "Gold Heist" (OFFROAD/RUNNER)
Mercury Cougar XR-7 GT 1967 "Builts Of The Week" (DRAG/DRIFT/OFFROAD/RACE)
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX MR-edition 2008 "Builts Of The Week" (OFFROAD/RACE/RUNNER)
Nissan Fairlady 240 ZG 1971 "Tyler" (DRAG/DRIFT/OFFROAD/RACE/RUNNER)
Nissan Skyline GTR Nismo ZTune 2005 "Tyler" (DRAG/DRIFT/OFFROAD/RACE/RUNNER)
Porsche 911 Carrera RSR 2.8 1974 "Rauh-Welt" (DRAG/DRIFT/OFFROAD/RACE)
Subaru BRZ Premium "Hashtiger" (DRIFT/OFFROAD/RACE)
Volkswagen Beetle 1963 "Rav" (DRAG/DRIFT/OFFROAD/RACE/RUNNER)

© = Customizable Cars

How To Use:
1. Buy the car(s) for 0 IGC at the marked dealers.
2. Restart the game without "Iconic Cars Pack"! (Disable in FMM or delete from FMM)

Do not start to play races or events while "Iconic Cars Pack" mod are active! Game may will crash at the end of events!


Marco3156 (April 04, 2019 @ 13:20)
Can you please make it available for cpy users because i cant afford the original game

JustDaz (November 03, 2018 @ 20:31)
And finally, please add in the house version of the BMW X6 M 2016 version as well

JustDaz (November 03, 2018 @ 20:29)
Also, please add in both versions of the Mechanic's Porsche 911 Carrera S (993) as well.

JustDaz (October 30, 2018 @ 01:39)
Nice one. Will you be able to add in the broker's panamera and Jess's M5 in a future update?

AVENTADOR (September 09, 2018 @ 19:34)
Awesome Bro :)