NFS Payback Improved Nitrous by PaybackModder

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NFS Payback Improved Nitrous

Improved Nitrous

Game version: 10.51.41148 (June 2018 Patch)
Cracked versions not supported!

Mod informations

  • Nitrous settings added to Live Tuning: NOS TUNING Power/Duration (under testing)
  • Every single cars has same nitrous power & recharge times
  • Improved nitrous bonuses for the next one actions:
    • Nitrous Boost for Drift: x2,5 times more! (If you have enabled stability controll it's a bad news to you!)
    • Nitrous Boost for Draft: x2 times more!
    • Nitrous Boost for Near Miss: x2,5 times more!
    • Nitrous Boost for Wrong Lane: x2,5 times more!
    • Nitrous Boost for Airborne: x2 times more!
    • Nitrous Boost for Perceft Shift: x5 times more! (If do you play with manual gears it's a great news to you!)
    • + 2 times more Thresholds for DraftSpeed, WrongLaneSpeed & AirborneSpeed

  • Nitrous Informations:
    • Starting Nitrous capacity: Improved to 12 (same as Drag cars)
    • Max Upgraded Capacity: Improved up to 12.5 (a small bonus for starting flow)
    • Improved Torque Boost
    • Improved Grip Increase
    • Improved recharge rate (same as SpeedCross cars)
    • Decreased flow rate and Nitrous usage
    • Improved Force vs Speed (same as SpeedCross cars)

How to install?

Instructions on how to install my mod


This mod compatible with any other mods (which is created by me)


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