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NFS Asset Exporter


Update - 10/08/2018
Version has been released! Changelog:
  • Adds MW, Carbon, and ProStreet support
  • Fixes NFSW texture linking
  • Partial Undercover support - no UVs, but models can be exported.

Progress update - 9/21/2018
A new version of the tool is being released soon! Here's what's coming:
  • Fix for NFS:World model-texture linking. Now it is possible to export objects, such as roads, with their textures. This also fixes missing textures on objects such as the blimp and train.

Also upcoming: Support for Carbon and MW. This may or may not be in the update.
Ever wanted to export map models and textures from BlackBox NFS games? This tool allows you to do just that! Models are exported and textures are automatically linked.
This is not equivalent to NFS-Toolkit! The program cannot save files, only read from them.

How to Use:
1. Extract .rar file to a folder
2. Open cmd, cd into the folder
3. Run AssetDumper.exe with this format:
AssetDumper.exe <game> <input file> <output directory>
example: AssetDumper.exe world C:\Users\username\path\to\nfsw\tracks\file dumped-assets
4. Wait. If you use the "concatstream" method detailed below, the extraction will take at least a few minutes. Be patient!
5. Open the output folder you specified. Extracted models will be in the "models" folder. If you want to import anything into a Blender scene, make sure to press ALT+Z and delete the "Lamp" object in the scene. UE4 tutorial coming soon.

Supported Games:
  • (WIP, soonTM) Need for Speed: Most Wanted
  • (WIP, soonTM) Need for Speed: Carbon
  • (WIP, soonTM) Need for Speed: ProStreet
  • Need for Speed: World

Known Issues:
  • NFS World: Some models reference textures that are dynamically generated by shaders. As a result, not all models will be fully textured. I am looking into possible solutions.

  • NFS World: Unlike previous games, there is no "master" stream. To make one, cd into the Tracks or TracksHigh folder, then run this command: copy /b STREAML5RA_*.BUN concatstream.BUN - after that, you can use the generated file to load all of the assets.
  • Exported objects do not retain any transformations from the files. That is to say, you need to ensure you reset the rotations, otherwise you will probably be very confused.

Want to ask me a question? Contact me on Discord: heyitsleo#0001. You can find me in the NFSMods Discord server, as well as the ExOpts server.

Have fun!


VAUX (January 17, 2019 @ 22:37)
It won't let me use it at all, whenever I try to type in the cmd, it immediately closes.

LBPPlayer7 (November 17, 2018 @ 13:00)
I have noticed a few more issues :
models in MW have vertex colours, as stated in the shader source code (they're mainly used by cars for baked ambient lighting and by the skybox to make the floor black)
at least on 360 though

LBPPlayer7 (November 04, 2018 @ 11:35)
when imported into Unity for example, everything is completely white until colours are reset in the materials, and the asset importer also reports that the colour values are improper and will be clamped to 255,255,255, which they kinda weren't.

heyitsleo (November 02, 2018 @ 18:33)
Color values: What? That's an issue I've only heard about from you. There is no color data applied to anything; material definitions have Ka, Kd, and Ks set to 255/255/255 but other than that nothing is done.
Normals: Will be fixed

LBPPlayer7 (October 29, 2018 @ 14:49)
There are two issues with this:
colour values are messed up (ridiculously high, like beyond 255,255,255 kind of high) and normals are facing the wrong way, which makes it hell to export worlds as you have to go through every object one-by-one and invert the normals