1995 Toyota MR2 (Addon/Replace) by YochiThMaster333

Category: Cars | Game: Need for Speed: Most Wanted

1995 Toyota MR2 (Addon/Replace)

Converted from NFS Carbon.
Replaces (ModLoader version only):
2004 Mercedes-Benz CLK500 (CLK500)

- Bodykits
- Spoilers
- Rims
- Hoods (CF only)
- Roof Scoops
- Performance
- Paint
- Vinyls
- Window Tint
- Custom Gauges

- NFS Undercover male driver
- Working brakelights
- New performance
- Damage scratches

Known bugs:
- Anyone at the moment

ModLoader method:
- Be sure that your NFSMW has ModLoader installed.
- Extract ADDONS folder into NFSMW game folder
Adding as new car method:
WARNING! Back up your original files!
1. Install NFSMW Unlimiter (link: https://nfsmods.xyz/mod/688)
2. Copy all files from "Add as a new car/(Car files to copy)" folder to NFSMW game directory
3. There are two ways to add this car:
3.1. Copy all files from "Add as a new car/(Automatic Install)" folder to NFSMW game directory. Please note that all other installed mods won't work
3.2.1. Copy FrontB.lzc (rename it to FrontA.bun after copying), GlobalB.bun and English.bin to FRONTEND, GLOBAL and LANGUAGE folders in MWinside_TextureCompiler folder respectively.
3.2.2. Run NfSMW - TC.exe and click following:
3.2.3. Copy all compiled files:
FrontA.bun (rename it to FrontB.lzc after compiling) to FRONTEND folder
GlobalB.bun and GlobalB.lzc to GLOBAL folder
English.bin to LANGUAGES folder
4. Run NFS-VltEd, click File - Open and choose NFSMW game directory, then click File - Import - ModScript and pick MR2NewCarScript.nfsms. Save.
5. Run the game (game will crash if you use ModLoader) and create a new save game

- Arushan for making NFSMW ModTools
- [email protected] for making NFSMW MTGUI
- nfsu360 for making NFSU2/MW Texture Compiler (from NFSU2 ModTools )
- Oleg for making Zmodeler
- EA Black Box for making mesh and textures
- dotPDN for making Paint.net
- MWinside for making Texture Compiler
- YochiThMaster333 (me) for converting this car


YochiThMaster333 (January 19, 2019 @ 10:05)
@R4BBITG4MING Did you put the "MR2" folder to CARS? If yes, well, sorry, this is what I can do. :(

R4BBITG4MING (January 19, 2019 @ 01:54)
mod don't work for me after installing everything it shows the carrera gt :/

YochiThMaster333 (October 08, 2018 @ 07:18)
@BRAYELSPILNER Just copy recently compiled GLOBALB.BUN and rename it to GlobalB.lzc. Well, this is not my fault, this was MWinside's fault

BRAYELSPILNER12 (October 07, 2018 @ 13:45)
Global.lzc dont show after Run NfSMW - TC.exe , only GLOBALB.BUN

Uploaded at: October 01, 2018 @ 09:58