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Most Wanted Online

Your childhood game is now online. Isn't that great?


- The MWO server has been completely rewritten yet again. The new server is much more stable and supports much more players playing simultaneously.
- The MWO launcher has been rewritten from scratch. The new launcher supports auto-updating, server lists and much more.
- The Haont authorization system has been ditched. While you still need an account, the system is now much less buggy and it is much easier to create one.
- The old MirrorHook D3D hooks have been replaced. ReShade works with MWO now!

- Vehicle sync has been rewritten using code from PlakMP to ensure a smoother experience; cars won't jump, teleport and/or fly away when using the new sync.
- The in-game chat system has been rewritten using code from PlakMP. Complete with proper hotkey support (read: T to open it, Esc to close it), the chat has become much more pleasant to use and fancier in general.
- The world speedtrap system, having made its short appearance for a few weeks back in 2018, has been brought back and improved. Rankings are now saved properly, and the UI for it has been rewritten to use the original game's race leaderboards.
- The race lobby screen has been rewritten to fix input bugs and improve stability.
- Cinematic cutscenes such as jump cameras and pursuit start zoom-ins have been disabled in order to prevent desync.
- The Speedbreaker feature has been cut from the game in order to prevent desync.
- In order to prevent desync, the pause menu no longer pauses the world; we've decided to disable input and force-stop your vehicle instead.
- A crash handler has been implemented to catch errors and create dump files with the game state at the moment of the crash. This makes sure the game never insta-crashes to the desktop with no error message or any other way to find out what happened.
- Many minor issues have been addressed and fixed, making MWO experience much more stable than it was during the 2.0 stage.

Have fun!



senpaidarken (December 10, 2021 @ 20:53)
CARS dosyasında eksik dosyalar olabilir.

apollodarker (September 13, 2021 @ 19:59)
Mod başarılı bir şekilde çalışıyor ama nissan 350z-240sx-skyline-konisegg oyunda gözükmüyor yenilenmiş trafik arabaları ve yenilenmiş kitli camaro ss var sadece araçları görünür hale getirmek için ne yapmalıyım ( ana menüde araçların yüklenme çubuğu geldi ama oyunda yok ) yardımcı olunun nasıl yapacağım ?

Neozixxs (August 30, 2021 @ 12:03)
thanks you

Auga (July 31, 2021 @ 13:40)
I respectfully salute the 32bit OS Users.

maicol1273 (July 13, 2021 @ 22:40)
i want the 32 bits edition

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