NFS 2015 Revival Mod v2(Experimental) by Brawltendo

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NFS 2015 Revival Mod v2(Experimental)

Disclaimer: This version of the mod is experimental and may be unstable. Report any bugs that are not known and aren't already listed below.

As with the previous iteration of the Revival Mod, this aims to make the driving experience in NFS 2015 feel better along with other miscellaneous aspects of the game, such as the removal of crash cams.

Changes from v1:
- Completely overhauled handling (albeit still restricted by the limitations put into place by Ghost's handling model)
- Grip should feel better (not really much to explain here, since it's really something you just have to actually play to form an opinion on).
- Drifting should be less broken than the standard handling model, although it is slightly nerfed due to the core changes brought upon by the new handling.
- Some handling attributes are restored from NFS Rivals due to them fitting much better within the tight streets of Ventura Bay.
- Crash cams are removed to an extent.
- The new pseudo-crash cams will occur much less frequently and are replaced with a system akin to what can be found in Payback.
- Upon any impact hard enough to send your car into one of these pseudo-crash cams, most of the time you will be able to act out of the cinematic as soon as the car's wheels are touching the ground.
- Known bugs with this new system are that in some areas of the map (most notably when hitting power line poles), triggering a crash cam will instantly result in your car being reset instead of giving control back to the player once the wheels are planted. Another issue with this system (that may or may not be as severe) is that while in a race, anytime a crash cam is triggered, your car will instantly be reset even if the car is completely planted on the ground for the duration of the crash. Make sure to let me know about any other possible oversights with this new system.
- Removed any trace of part removal and unrestricted customization, because it's unnecessary when two mods already exist for that purpose (one of them being my own).
- Possibly controversial, but wallriding is now possible to an extent, due to the collision physics being tweaked to allow for less unwarranted crashes.
- The chase camera has been tweaked a bit to create a better sense of speed in the game.

Known bugs:
- Anything about the new crash cams that I stated was a bug above.
- Front wheels do not turn as you steer the car.
- Wheels do not generate smoke while drifting or doing burnouts.
- Strange drifting carried over from the original handling model may still exist for some cars.
- Nitrous may or may not work properly (I haven't done enough testing on this to determine if this is true or not).
- Cars may seem faster while using the mod. Whether this is a side effect of the changes I made to the game's chase camera or just an issue with the new handling has yet to be determined.

Use the included mod loader to load the mod.


Aaronti24w1 (July 06, 2019 @ 05:20)
How do I actually load the mod? I don't know what file to use with the mod loader

Hels (June 10, 2019 @ 16:19)
Says more but not enough caracters to comment here...

Hels (June 10, 2019 @ 16:18)
When trying to upload the mod says this...

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ERT3EYW35435 (January 17, 2019 @ 18:35)
ANY MODS ON the mustang 1965 NFS 2015

ERT3EYW35435 (January 17, 2019 @ 18:13)


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