NFS 2015 Revival Mod v3(Experimental) by Brawltendo

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NFS 2015 Revival Mod v3(Experimental)

Disclaimer: This version of the mod is experimental and may be unstable. Report any bugs that are not known and aren't already listed below.

As with the previous iteration of the Revival Mod, this aims to make the driving experience in NFS 2015 feel better along with other miscellaneous aspects of the game, such as the removal of crash cams.

Changes from v2:

-Brand new handling that doesn't use drift component at all (unless you're starting a new game).

-Every single car has been fine tuned to work with the new handling.
-Drifting requires throttle control and countersteering; it will be much harder to get adjusted to and win events.

-WIP warehouse limit removal (broken at the moment, will try to fix it in an update)
-WIP gear tuning restoration (beta element that still exists in the game, just need to unlock it for it to work)
-Action cam does not trigger the drift cam when you start drifting.
-Drivetrain swaps have been added! The second set of tires are upgrades for your car's stock drivetrain, while the 3 sets after that are all for grip and drift variants of RWD, FWD, and AWD drivetrain swaps.
-Tires now change actual tire specs rather than either increasing or decreasing the max drift angle allowed.
-Differential tuning has been overhauled to change the actual diff specs of your car instead of changing the downforce offset.
-Negative camber will now slightly affect how your car handles (not by much, but enough to make a bit of a difference).
-Ferraris can now have their rim color changed (full rim customization will come in a future update).

Known bugs/issues:

-The aforementioned drifting difficulty will be a slight problem, but with the right tune, nearly any car can be turned into a great drift build.
-Lots of speed loss while turning, but made up for by increased cornering ability. Not really sure if this is a problem yet. Let me know.
-Hasn't been tested to see if this is compatible with a new game or if it breaks the beginning of the game (or at least the first few hours). This is another thing where I'll need a lot of feedback.

Installation instructions:

-Download the latest version of Frosty Mod Manager from here:
-Add NFS15 to the mod manager when prompted.
-Install the mods by dragging and dropping the archive onto the mod manager window.
-Apply the mods you want to use (to use the handling override mods, just have them below the main Revival Mod in the application order so that they take priority).


max16032 (September 30, 2020 @ 07:47)
Big props for this mod, it's literally a game-changer. However, I'm here to comment about an issue that seems to be a side effect of tinkering with the car physics: It seems that the AI bots you compete against also have their handling altered, which translates into them sliding and crashing much more often. Particularly in sharp turns, it causes the AI to slip and end up against the walls. Is this normal? Can it be fixed or it's a permanent penalty that one needs to live with?

Pootis (September 08, 2020 @ 16:06)
I dont think you can enable the drift camera with the drift component disabled, but maybe it will work in the next super advanced Revival V4

Mattisanobed (September 05, 2020 @ 02:44)
wondering if theres a way to enable to drift cam on the action cam, thanks!

Brawltendo (September 02, 2020 @ 12:19)
I think it’s a side effect of changing some strings in the localization file, and I believe it also affects the registered trademark symbol.

MeasleMissile (August 21, 2020 @ 20:01)
Just something that I've noticed. The 'r' icon for rep shows up as a question mark. I wasn't sure if you were aware of this bug so I just wanted to let you know.


Uploaded at: November 12, 2018 @ 09:49