Mercedes SL65 AMG by Zvott96

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Mercedes SL65 AMG


Mercedes SL65 AMG converted from carbon.

- Initial release.

- Minor improvements to meshes.
- Updated performance values. It handles way better.

- Added 5th Bodykit.

- Reworked everything. It's as close as possible to Carbon version.

1. Make a backup of "SL65" folder located in "CARS".
2. Copy the contents of "CARS" folder in the game installation folder.
3. With NFS-VltEd: File, Import -> ModScript. Select only one and save:
sl65_stock_playable.nfsms for MW performance
sl65_carbon.nfsms for Carbon performance
3a. In case you need stock performance I included sl65_to_stock.nfsms
4. Create a new save and enjoy


- Tell me if there are issues.


- nfsu360 for NFS-VltEd/TexEd/CarToolkit.


UltraPhoenix1837 (October 28, 2019 @ 23:10)
I'm agree with Komando. Seriously, would be nice if you add that ProStreet widebody kit to your mod. That widebody kit looks really cool. Please man.

90TurboRacing (October 27, 2019 @ 04:46)
Nitro effect almost doesn't work

KomandoUgur (October 26, 2019 @ 22:47)
"If you want to add something do it yourself." -Zvott96
What a helpful person. I just requested nicely dude, and i see, you're such an arrogant and selfish person just like AJLethal. Also, you can't say "do it yourself" to anyone. It's your mod. You're responsible of your mod. And dude, that SL65 has just SL500 bodykits. Even it's not unique. What can i say more? It's your problem, if you don't want to upgrade your mod for better.

Zvott96 (October 26, 2019 @ 18:01)
Hey chill out. I'm doing this because I like doing stuff like this, not because someone tells me to do it. If you don't like it don't download it. If you want to add something do it yourself.

KomandoUgur (October 26, 2019 @ 16:31)
I told you about adding widebody kit from NFS ProStreet to 5th bodykit slot. Why the hell you added a autosculpt kit instead? At least keep the autosculpt one, but delete the ugliest bodykit from your car mod and add the widebody kit from ProStreet. I'll waiting for your response.

Uploaded at: November 28, 2018 @ 17:13

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