NISMO Nissan 370Z [ADDON] by Zvott96

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NISMO Nissan 370Z [ADDON]


NISMO Nissan 370Z converted from Real Racing 3 as an addon car, meaning no other car gets replaced.

v0.1 alpha (Assetto Corsa)
- Initial release.

- Car model from Real Racing 3.
- Brakelight textures working.
- Everithing works except those listed in "ISSUES"

- 5 versions (White, Black, Grey, Red and normal paint)
- Fixed tires position.

- Added 4 bodykits containing the colours implemented in previous version just to add a bit of customization.
- Added driver.
- Added license plate.
- New lods.

- 2 versions: with bodykits and without.
- Added vinyls 1024x and 512x. Only on 4th bodykit if you use the "bodikits" version.
- Added lights, exhaust, spoilers and roof scoops.

Manual install:
1- Copy the folder "Cars" or the contents of the folder "No bodykits" to NFSMW installation folder.
2- With NFS-VltEd: File, Import -> ModScript. Select nismo370z.nfsms.
From v1.1 those who already imported previous ModScript select only tires.nfsms.
Both ModScripts (nismo370z.nfsms, tires.nfsms) contain fixed tire position now. So for new installations you can use only nismo370z.nfsms.
3- Open NfSMW - ReCompiler.exe (located in "ReCompiler" folder) and run: FRONTEND -> FRONTEND, GLOBAL ->GLOBALB, LANGUAGE.
4- Copy FrontA.BUN to "FRONTEND" folder. Copy GlobalB.BUN and GlobalB.lzc to "GLOBAL" folder. And all the language files to "LANGUAGES" folder of the game installation folder.
5- Make sure you don't have ModLoader. Run the game and make a new save.
Or you can use SavePatcher by MWInside HERE.


- No vinyls, decals, numbers, spoilers, roof scoops, lights yet.


- Thanks to Ti-Sonic for pointing me in the right direction.
- Arushan for NFSMW Mod Tools.
- MWInside for ReCompiler.
- nfsu360 for NFS-VltEd/TexEd.
- nlgzrgn for NFSMW Unlimiter.


Zieroar (December 15, 2018 @ 23:06)
@Zvott96 Ok. Do you take requests? I'm asking that question because i want to request 2 cars.

Zvott96 (December 15, 2018 @ 22:53)
@Zieroar Yes I have Discord, my name is Zvott.

Zieroar (December 15, 2018 @ 20:43)
Nice job. Do you have Discord? I want to chat with you.

Uploaded at: December 13, 2018 @ 20:36

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