McLaren MP4-X by Eclipse72rus

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McLaren MP4-X

2016 McLaren MP4-X

This car is converted from Real Racing 3 and it replaces Chevrolet Camaro.

Can be customized with:

- Vinyls(livery)
- Visuals
- Rims


- NFS UC Driver model
- Working brakelight texture
- LOD parts
- Fixed hood cam
- New performance data
- HD manufacturer and secondary logo


1.Unpack all files.
2.Copy ADDONS, scripts and dinput8.dll to NFS Most Wanted directory
3.Copy the VINYLS.BIN file from either "512" or "1024" folder into car folder.
- If you are using High Quality Vinyls v1.0 or 1024x version of NFSMW Recompiled Vinyls, use 1024x Vinyls to avoid crashes.
- If you are using original vinyl files from the game or 512x version of NFSMW Recompiled Vinyls, use 512x Vinyls.
- Recompiled vinyls available here


EA/Firemonkeys - mesh & textures
nlgzrgn - Invisible wheels fix
arushan - NFSMW ModTools
Oleg Melashenko - ZModeler 1.0.7.& 2.2.5
Eclipse 72rus aka CorvetteZ06 - converting to NFS MW


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