NFSMW Improved Visual Treatment by ShreN

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NFSMW Improved Visual Treatment

>> GAMEPLAY VIDEO: YouTube video link
>> EXAMPLE IMAGES: Imgur album link

After hours of testing different Visual Treatment settings using nlgzrgn's Extra Options script I settled on some that I felt kept the original look of MW but didn't look piss-yellow like the original PC Visual Treatment.

I was messaging back and forth with osdever at the time, trying to find the best settings and eventually he just extracted the REAL Xbox 360 visual treatment settings and made them into a mod - which I felt made all my testing pointless.

But his mod doesn't work with modloader, so I guess my Improved Visual treatment settings are the only option if you want to use older car mods and still have the original MW-esque look to the game (without keeping the original piss yellow filter).

I recommend using these settings with osdever's ported Xbox 360 textures which is a HD version of the vanilla PC textures. Any other texture mod won't work well with the improved settings.

osdever's Xbox 360 textures:!nsZRhaYK!yc3rmQIT8qNQy3RDfG2MwoNYspLM_peio6lIPvjaYd8

>> My improved visual treatment settings (replace the settings in the ExtraOpts script with these):

EnableVisualTreatmentOverride = 1 // Enables all visual treatment tweaks in this section. (0 = False (Default), 1 = True)
Red = 0.68 // Red amount for Visual Treatment. (Default = 0.88)
Green = 0.62 // Green amount for Visual Treatment. (Default = 0.8)
Blue = 0.03 // Blue amount for Visual Treatment. (Default = 0.44)
ColorBloomIntensity = 1.16 // Color Bloom amount for Visual Treatment. (Default = 1.75)
Saturation = 0.80 // Saturation for Visual Treatment. (Default = 0.5)
BlackBloomIntensity = 0.84 // Black Bloom amount for Visual Treatment. (Default = 0.9)

How to install nlgzrgn's Extra Options script:

Where to download ExtraOpts:

If you have any questions just ask.


NFSUSER (May 13, 2021 @ 20:51)
when they arrest you the colors are no longer cold.

NFSUSER (May 13, 2021 @ 20:51)
cuando te detienen los colores ya no son fríos.

SoundBarrier (February 09, 2021 @ 10:41)
@ShreN sure i would love it

ShreN (April 08, 2020 @ 16:05)
I could quite easily make a VLTed version of this now.
So if anyone would use it then let me know!

ShreN (January 22, 2020 @ 15:29)
For some reason YouTube videos aren't allowed on this site anymore, but the gameplay video is here:

The bitrate is low, but you should still be able to tell what the colouring and visual treatment is like.

Uploaded at: December 20, 2018 @ 13:42