Xbox 360 Car Shaders & More by osdever & SpeedyHeart

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Xbox 360 Car Shaders & More

The day has come since y'all asked for it. It's still very unfinished, but you get the point, it's working.

- We have ported X360 car shaders to MW. They aren't much different, but they got metal flakes on cars and some other stuff. Looks better than on PC but still has some alpha issues. Special thanks to SpeedyHeart for figuring the textures out!
- Ever wanted X360 bloom in MW? Well, here it is! It's not exactly the same, but the lighting gets brighter and the bloom gets stronger when you get out of dark areas for some time.
- The motion blur has been changed: it doesn't blur cars anymore, it looks better, and it's been toned down a bit.
- Disabling Visual Treatment now enables Bleach Bypass and doesn't change the lighting, thus you can enjoy your lighting mods with no annoying filter.
- A little bit more technical but still: the game shows errors if you put faulty shaders in it instead of straight up crashing now.

DISCLAIMER: I don't care if it crashes, as I said it's heavily unfinished. All I'm gonna say is it's only been tested with maxed out settings, and there have been reported crashes if your game isn't maxed out. The mod will probably get updated, but I'm busy with MWO now, so yeah.
Sorry for being kinda unemotional, I'm kinda tired. Thanks for checking it out!


ItsManuelStyles (October 27, 2019 @ 04:02)
disable overbright

LBPPlayer7 (October 05, 2019 @ 17:02)
@therazorkille it's not supposed to be fully masked

therazorkille (September 09, 2019 @ 15:58)
@ osdever So I've installed this and am actually having no alpha issues at all. I'm not sure if I did something wrong, but all I have disabled in video settings is over bright, which causes serious over-exposure. Would this explain why I'm not seeing the tanker through walls, windows aren't opaque, etc? Also, it looks like the car isn't getting completely masked out of the motion blur effect. The effect definitely looks far better than the original, but I'm unsure if I have everything configured correctly.

DreamyWolf (July 03, 2019 @ 20:44)
Hello. I'm here to report a bug, caused by the MW360Tweaks.asi, that makes several objects in the game world visible through everything, like in this video ( at 9:26 (spike strips through the road) and at 10:28 (cranes visible above the car in the tunnel). A notable object displaying the issue is the tanker ship in Camden Beach. I would love if you could fix this, because playing without this file causes load screen crashes.

Frexellia (June 15, 2019 @ 09:13)
I installed it and the effects works just fine but all of the cars even the cops and the traffics turn into white with no color & texture on it, i already tried reinstall my game but no success I dont know if its just my potato pc or something else

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