NFS:C - Invisible Race Barriers & Red Arrows by BDawg

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NFS:C - Invisible Race Barriers & Red Arrows

Another person did exactly this, but wouldn't release it (shame on him), so I had to do it :P

Step 1: Get NFS-TexEd from, extract it somewhere and open it
Step 2: Click on Archive -> Locate and open the STREAML5RA.BUN file(<NFS Carbon installation folder>\TRACKS\STREAML5RA.BUN)
Step 3: Replace the following textures with the following files:

-Track barrier moving
Archive 2, Texture 65 - SFX_TRACKBARRIERNEONARROW_01_D

-Track barrier

Ignore Mip Map warnings if you get any.

Description and tutorial partially copied from this mod:

Edit: Changed title to be more accurate
Edit 2: Removed white lines on top of the invisible barriers (Photoshop eraser is gai)
Edit 3: Reupload of latest due to future website overhaul


LuckyLuke (December 25, 2018 @ 00:51)
Can you make the same barriers from MW for Nfs Carbon?