LightStreak Fake Drift Mod Beta by loverboy22

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LightStreak Fake Drift Mod Beta

This mod is based on ultimate car mod v5 , but I added a packet of cars which have special fake drifting skills, and additionally a light streak on the asphalt shows a nice effect.
How did I add a light streak? you have to enter the field:
1.emittergroup>default>xlightstreak>copy this >fxlightstreak
2.simsurface>default>solid>concrete>right click on asphalt and edit fields>add value tire drive effect>asphalt>optional>tiredriveffect>[0] paste fxlightstreak to EmitterClass

1.Buy Nismo or Megane (soon I will add more cars)
2.Install the Elite parts
3.Press and hold the handbrake (Space) at all times
4.Start drifting
5.Drift is very easy to drive you can get cool slides on the corners.
6.Can shoot stunning movies


SultaN (January 20, 2019 @ 09:50)

Uploaded at: January 13, 2019 @ 21:57

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