NFSC - Some Beta UI elements by Venomleggs

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NFSC - Some Beta UI elements

This mod changes a few UI elements to more closely resemble those found in certain beta builds.
It is mostly inspired by mid-late PS3 beta videos found on IGN's channel.


Update v1.01 - Filled in a few missing parts on the minimap

To install:

Nitrous Meter & Target icon -
Open "InGameA.bun" in TexEd, go to Texture Archive #3, and replace "HUD_GENERIC_METER_COLOR" + "WINGMAN_TARGET".

Shortcuts on minimap -

Blue Track Barriers -
Open "STREAML5RA.BUN" in TexEd, go to Texture Archive #3, and replace "SFX_TRACKBARRIERNEONARROW_01_D".
Then, go to Texture Archive #7 and replace "SFX_TRACKBARRIERNEONARROW_SOLID_01".

Blue crew color/World Map Icons (Previously released on NFSCars, but included for your convenience)-
Open Carbon in VLTEd, press CTRL + I and select the modscript file
Open "GLOBALB.BUN" in TexEd, go to Texture Archive #1, and replace "MINIMAP_ICON_EVENT_OWNED" +

Links for TexEd and VLTEd -

Possible future Plans:

- Add shortcuts to world map
- Edit visual treatment filter to be more saturated and blue (like pic #4)…? (Not quite sure how to do this)
- Idk



Venomleggs (February 02, 2019 @ 18:33)
@Ronny12301 ohhh my bad, yeah that one is #129 in GLOBALB.BUN/lzc (texture archive #1)

Ronny12301 (February 02, 2019 @ 17:29)
@Venomleggs, thaks for reply, but i was talking about the shift icon, at the top of the tachometer

Venomleggs (February 02, 2019 @ 17:01)
@Ronny12301 Thanks man.
Are you talking about the tachometer? It should be in Archive 3. Textures #4, #29, and #36 are its 3 parts.

Ronny12301 (February 02, 2019 @ 05:59)
Nice mod

But i need some Help, i was trying to make a custom Hud, but i cant find that rev arrow texture ^, in ingameA, please, you know where can i found it or the name of the texture so i can search it in Texed, thanks!