NFS Carbon Addon Car: Nissan 200sx (SIlvia S14) by RaTT

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NFS Carbon Addon Car: Nissan 200sx (SIlvia S14)

Nissan 200sx (Silvia S14) Addon By RaTT

Car: Nissan 200sx (Silvia S14)
By: RaTT
Converted from: Need for Speed World
Converted to: Need for Speed Carbon
Addon car
4 Bodykits
2 Hoods
Customizable with Spoilers and Roof Scoops

-> Small update: forgot to include the collision for this car.
How to install:

0. Make sure you have either "Car Array Patch" by sparx, or "NFS Carbon Unlimiter" by nlgzrgn installed.
1. Drag the provided 200SX folder to the CARS folder of your game.
2. Open VLTEd 4.5. If you don't have it, download it.
3. Import 200sx attributes.nfsms with VLTEd to install the car's attributes.
4. Save changes (CTRL+S)
5. Now to add the car to GlobalB, there are 2 ways to do so:

a. Go to the "Replacing Files" folder and drag all the folders in it to your game's folder.

b. With Ed: (Recommanded if you want to install more than one addon car.)

0. Make sure you have "Ed The Car Dealer" tool by nlgzrgn.
1. Go to the "Adding with Ed" folder.
2. Drag all the folders to your Ed folder.
3. Open Ed The Car Dealer and locate your game folder with it.
4. You should see a new slot called 200SX, Click on Apply.


- Model conversion from NFS World to NFS Carbon.
- Car attributes.

- NFS Car Toolkit 1.0.
- NFS VLTEd 4.5.

- Ed The Car Dealer.
- Let's Convert an NFS Car Series.


BlackEdition (May 05, 2019 @ 21:31)
ok i fix it now with this video :
it works now !

BlackEdition (May 05, 2019 @ 19:49)
My game crash after installed this mod too !

FarrelPrayoga157 (March 21, 2019 @ 11:20)
My game crash after installed this mod
Please help