Revamped Bait Crates by Yorpie

Category: Miscellaneous | Game: Need for Speed: Payback

Revamped Bait Crates

In order to use this mod you need Frosty Mod Manager which can be downloaded here:
Simply select your game executable and install the mod, import the mod and make sure it's marked as enabled and then use the 'launch game' option in the mod manager.

This mod aims to improve the pursuits triggered by bait crates.

The cops have their aggression amped up, now having all their pursuit tactics enabled and the probability of them using them being set to the highest value. The actual amount of police cars chasing you has been doubled; respawn times have been reduced and the max amount of cop cars allowed to chase you at the same time has been increased.

The FVPD will now also utilise spike strips to take out your tires, set up barricades to slow you down and have barriers to block of some of your espace options.

The bait crates themselves have their respawn time removed and the max amount of bait crates has been increased from 10 to 22 so you have a lot more chance of running into one.

At the moment this mod is at version 0.5, as I hope to include Killswitch units and Rhinos in a future release.

Enjoy the mod and don't get busted!

Some pictures showing of the roadblocks and increased amount of cops:


KryZee (February 18, 2019 @ 18:10)
I really enjoyed the improvement! Just an advice for the future releases, try to add Rhinos on Baitcrates, it would be perfect!
PS: I also made a video showcase of this mod:

Uploaded at: February 12, 2019 @ 13:46

YouTube Video