Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione [ADDON] by takigosciu

Category: Cars | Game: Need for Speed: Carbon

Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione [ADDON]

This mod is adding a 2007 Alfa Romeo 8C to the game. Car is in Tier 3 available for a price of 142500.

More images: (to not trash up the post a lot)

Basic info about the mod:
- Ported from NFS World
- Replaces: Nothing. Car is an addon. (I can make a replacement version, if it's really needed)
- Car folder name: ALFAROMEO8C

Q: Is the mod okay with the game timeline?
A: That is questionable. Game is from 2006, but it does contain other cars going just a small bit into the future (Camaro Concept, Challenger Concept), so in my opinion - yes

Required mods:
- nlgzrgn's NFSC Unlimiter
sparx's Car Array Patch
- nlgzrgn's Ed
- nfsu360's NFS VltEd
When you got these downloaded, we can move on to mod installation

1. Add the NFSC Unlimiter or Car Array Patch into *game folder*/scripts. If you didn't install any ASI-based mods (Extra Options, Widescreen Fix, etc.) create one, also add the dinput8.dll file into your game main folder (if i'm not wrong its included in both)
2. Read the downloaded folders names, and do what they tell you (Move the files into *game folder*/CARS, and into your Ed folder).
3. Open your game folder with VltEd and import the nfsms file .
4. Open Ed, select your game folder and install the package.
5. Enjoy

Known bugs:
- License plate does not appear without a widebody kit installed
- Small reflection issue with Bodykit 3's front

- Initial Release
- Added missing Bounds for Ed (You can now go out on race/freeroam now!)
- Changed the car audio for maxed car
- Added black bounds around secondary logo
- Video coming soon!

Special thanks:
- EA for really nice games - NFS:C, NFS:W and the car mesh :)
- nlgzrgn for the tutorial. [Due to this being my first car mod, it was really important during the progress (Link to first part of it, if you want to start a car mod yourself)]
- nlgzrgn for NFSC Unlimiter and sparx for Car Array Patch (Remember, you can use only one, but you pick which.)
- nfsu360 for NFS Carbon Mod Tools, NFS VltEd,and NFS CarToolkit (tl;dr - making this mod possible to be made and used)
- Oleg for ZModeler 2.2.5 (most of the stuff was done in here)
- Ton Roosendaal and Blender Foundation for Blender (used for separating all the parts)
- TMCharly for making the car logo (as the original one was a total pixelated blur) and bit of help with one of bodykits.
- Neon and MrAdam for h u g e amount of help during the mod development
If you are willing to use my mod for porting it into another game etc. - please ask me on Discord: takigosciu#3962
/ takigosciu 2019 V1.0


Axon (May 15, 2020 @ 16:12)
I have this issue, Iam running improvements mod, but other addons work, so idk whats the problem, also i checked the vlted and there were a lot of missing things on the 8C

BlackEdition (May 05, 2019 @ 21:45)
ok i fix it lol

BlackEdition (May 05, 2019 @ 21:44)
the ride high is not correct pls fix it :D

KryZee (March 19, 2019 @ 03:29)
My game was clean, i had just reinstalled it before trying the mod... btw add me on discord, we can chat there KryZee#6535

takigosciu (March 18, 2019 @ 19:01)
I got an idea, have you got clean game besides the unlimiter etc?

If not, try running it on clean install + unlimiter/array patch