Dodge Charger SRT-8 Super Bee by Neon114, Micheal Werd

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Dodge Charger SRT-8 Super Bee

===== Dodge Charger SRT 8 Super Bee for NFS ProStreet =====

Author: Neon114(aka Sophia's Mods)
Michael Werd (screens, fixes e.t.c)

Big thanks to Michael Werd for hepling with creating and fixing mod.

Original model from NFS Undercover, NFS World

Replacing for: Ford Mustang GT 2003 (MUSTANG03)


Hoods Stock+2.

Body kits stock+5.

Specific spoilers drag spoiler

In-game spoilers Iclude

Exhaust Stock + Aftermarket exhausts

Roofscoops Aftermarket roofscoops

Roll cages stock + 2

Racing seats stock + Ingame Seats

Rims Stock (Full autosculpt tuning) + Aftermarket Rims

Window tint Iclude

Vinyls Iclude

Installation :
1.Folder MUSTANG03 instal (copy from archive and paste) into (example like me) "E:\Games\Need for Speed - ProStreet\CARS"

2.Open NFS Vlt-Ed v4.5(v4.6) ,select the folder of your game "File=>Open=>folder of your game"
After then program load game data
2.1 Next "File=>Import=>ModScript ", select "SUPER-BEE.nfsms" in the folder of the mod.
2.2 After then script is imported , and click on file => save.
Enjoy it!)
Terms of distribution:
Do not modify any part of the installer and/or modification without permission of the author!
When you post on other sites, specify the author and a home page link to author site!!!


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