Need For Speed Most Wanted - DB9 Fix + Unused Engine Sounds by Avalanche

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Need For Speed Most Wanted - DB9 Fix + Unused Engine Sounds

This lightweight VLT script fixes the Aston Martin DB9 sounding like a Ford Mustang when fully upgraded, and also adds several unused GINs to VLT-Edit for personal use and modding purposes alike.


  • Fixes the Aston Martin DB9 incorrectly using the "for_mus_b" audio when fully upgraded. It now uses its own unique sound.
  • Adds several new engine sounds, created from unused GINs within the game's files.
  • Adds an alternate version of the BMW M3 GTR engine sound without the iconic transmission whine, named "tvr_chim".
  • OPTIONAL: Includes alternative engine sounds for the CLK500, CAMARO, 997S, and COPSUV.


  • Download and extract the .zip file on this page.
  • Open VLT-Edit (by nfsu360).
  • Click on "File -> Open" and navigate to your game's root folder. The game's database will load onto the screen.
  • Click on "File -> Import -> ModScript" and navigate to the extracted mod folder.
  • Import the ModScript (.nfsms file).
  • Be sure to read all information provided at the installation menu.
  • Check bonus boxes if you want extra features.
  • Once the script loads, click "File -> Save".
  • Run the game and enjoy!

Known Issues

  • When using vehicles with the unused sounds, some tachometers may display incorrectly.
  • Nothing else. Please report bugs, flaws, or improvements in the comments or contact me on Discord (@Avalanche#1103)!


  • 11/22/19 @ 12:15 - v1.0.0, initial release.
  • 11/22/19 @ 12:35 - v1.0.1, fixed an installation bug in the modscript.
  • 6/13/20 @ 10:28 - v1.1.0, revised modpage and modscript, split alternate engine sound options into individual checkboxes.


  • nfsu360 - VLT-Edit.
  • You - Supporting me and my work!



JTCPingas (October 30, 2023 @ 02:07)
Excellent mod. DB9 actually sounds normal now when upgraded.

Aceinvader3755 (June 14, 2020 @ 01:19)
Is for_mus_gt_a, not for_mus_b

VeeTec (November 28, 2019 @ 08:16)
Activate Windows xDD

Uploaded at: November 22, 2019 @ 20:15