NFSMW Murcielago R-GT [addon] by Lexal

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NFSMW Murcielago R-GT [addon]

2004 Lamborghini Murcielago R-GT

Base car by Codemasters from Race Driver GRID [2008], additional meshes and textures from Rivals, GRID Autosport, Forza 3, Shift 2: Unleashed and Hot Pursuit 2010.
Complete remake of a modloader release from January 2010.
Replaces nothing, XNAME is G1RGT.

- stock: paintable filler
- kits 1/2/3: race liveries from GRID
- kit 4: Seacrest County Murcielago LP640 kit from HP2010
- full vinyl support, albeit not 100% accurate
- 18 custom vinyls under National Flag section [1024x1024 version only]
- can use aftermarket wheels, spoilers and scoops; scoops will look weird with kit #4 installed
- largely revised performance data; stock reaches 347km/h, upgraded can reach just over 400km/h with a 7-speed transmission; fast, stable and grippy, but not recommended against cops due to its low mass of 1100kg
- costs 240k and is unlocked after beating Ronnie, blacklist driver #3
- high quality frontend logo

As this is an addon rather than a replacement, you'll need a couple tools:
- MW Unlimiter
- Binary v2

Once you have those, download the archive, unpack it anywhere and follow the instructions below:
- launch Binary [make sure you also installed its dependencies], click on User Mode [the left-hand side icon], select "binary_setup.end" inside "RGT_ADDON/main", choose "Install" from the dropdown menu, point to Most Wanted's main install directory, choose the correct vinyl resolution, wait for Binary to install the car, press "Yes" when asked to save changes, but don't run the game just yet
- close Binary, launch VLTEd -> "File" -> "Open" -> nagivate to where Most Wanted is installed; afterwards "File" -> "Import" -> "Modscript", browse to "RGT_ADDON" -> "main" and select "vlt_setup.nfsms", select "Install VLT data", click Install, and VLTEd will apply the script; once done, press Ctrl+S to save the changes

After that's all done, you're advised to create a new savegame but you're free to try the save patching method described below:
Scroll to the end of the tutorial and look at section "Optional 2: patching save to use addon cars".

To uninstall the car:
- re-run binary as instructed above and choose "Uninstall" from the dropdown menu instead
- launch VLTEd, reimport "vlt_setup.nfsms" and choose "Remove VLT data"

Vinyl listing:
1) Italia stripes
2) Stacked Deck 1
3) Stacked Deck 2
4) TFK
5) Bushido
6) 21st Street
7) Los Colibris
8) Black Hearts
9) Inferno
10) Kings
11) Scorpios
12) Battle Machine
13) React Team Sessions
14) Super Promotion
15) Grip Runners
16) Aftermix
17) Touge Union
18) Boxcut

Known issues:
- vinyl mapping, especially for stripes, isn't great and there was only so much I could do about it; for other vinyls, it should be relatively fine
- front wheels may occasionally clip through the arches when driving over curbs or slopes
- windows might look a bit off due to how MW handles shaders of varying transparency
- tonnes more issues that I can't even remember off the top of my head right now; just don't look at the car too hard

Tools used:
- Zmod 2.2.5
- NFSCarToolkit 2.8
- MWRecompiler
- ASC's texture compiler
- TexEd
- Ed The Car Dealer

Thanks to rtx990 for UV renders, and thanks to many others for their various help with this trainwreck of a mod.

10/09/2020 update:
- updated the car to use Binary v2 as the primary installation method; don't use Ed The Car Dealer and don't try to install the mod manually
- fixed several holes in geometry
- swapped large carbon fibre and grille texture sheets for small tiles
- replaced caliper emblems with simple textured surfaces
- removed 1 unnecessary bodykit
- fixed a few miniscule UV inconsistencies
- fixed erroneous tyre width with stock/aftermarket wheels
- reduced price to 240,000
- tweaked several performance aspects, most notably chassis
25/11/2020 update:
- updated master script with code that checks whether a frontend TPKBlock was renamed by Texed and reverts its original name if required; this will prevent frontend logos from failing to install
11/08/2021 update:
- removed mipmaps from all textures
- re-saved vinyl packfiles with binary for increased stability
- updated binary/vlted setups with uninstall options

Vinyl screencaps:


Starleedle (September 21, 2020 @ 03:32)
Yeah nevermind. I got it working after downloading previous version. now it works like charm. cheers

Lexal (September 21, 2020 @ 03:04)
I dont see anything missing on my end
both the release archive and WIP folder have all the necessary files, plus I always run the user-mode installers to check for errors

Starleedle (September 20, 2020 @ 10:37)
It seems that it's missing secondarylogo file. Can you update it? Thanks in advance

[DELETED USER] (August 05, 2020 @ 09:53)
not pretty cool

KLEIN478 (December 23, 2019 @ 05:20)
"- 18 custom vinyls under National Flag section [1024x1024 version only]"

You gotta be kidding me...

Uploaded at: December 16, 2019 @ 21:31


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