HD Manufacturer/Secondary Logos for BB era games by KylaAngelineKZYeng

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HD Manufacturer/Secondary Logos for BB era games


This mod replaces low-quality CARSELECT_MANFACTURER and SECONDARY_LOGOs with higher quality textures (mostly extracted from hidden NFS World data). Also compatible with Ed the Car Dealer
Currently supports:
NFS Carbon BR, ImpMod, Ult Mod, ProStreet, Most Wanted (base installation) Underground, Underground 2, and NFSMW, C, PS, UC Addons via Ed.
To Install, copy the FrontB file provided to your FRONTEND folder, also .dds files included in Ed support folder, import each with NFS-TexEd into the FrontB/B1.bun or lzc file for manual installation.
Update: Added support for regular NFSMW car list. Also added Ed support for MW05, plus some logos from Eclipse 72Rus' addon cars. Now, Remastered UI by BadassBaboon is supported. Also changed S2K and Integra logos on UG series. Now changed Corolla to proper secondarylogo
CBR team (making Battle Royale)
ImpMod Team/379Felipe (making Improvement Mod)
nfsu360: Making texEd
EA/BB: most manufacturer/model logos
Swooning/NFSF1McLaren: actual R32, SLR, Murcielago, Murcielago 640 and Gallardo real logos
nlgzrgn: Ed the Car Dealer
Eclipse72Rus: Some addon cars' logos
RaTT: Ultimate Mod


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Uploaded at: January 08, 2020 @ 14:56


87db30-HD CarSelectManufacturerSecondary Logos.zip (Size: 26.16MB) Latest Version
8bfcb1-HD CarSelectManufacturerSecondary Logos.zip (Size: 27.53MB) Old Version
24dc0f-HD CarSelectManufacturerSecondary Logos.zip (Size: 22.33MB) Old Version