ProStreet FWD/AWD cars in drift mode by Johnny362000

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ProStreet FWD/AWD cars in drift mode


This mod allows you to use all FWD and AWD cars in Drift Mode. In Drift mode they are converted to RWD and have proper, fully functional drift handling and can score points like any RWD car. In Speed, Grip and Drag they are unchanged.

There is a minor "bug" (more of a side-effect) where all cars now appear in the Car Lot as RWD, meaning selecting "Front Wheel Drive" or "All Wheel Drive" causes no cars to appear but this is a relatively harmless bug as far as I know

This mod has only been tested on version 1.1 with booster pack. It might work on version 1.0 but I can't make any promises. I would also recommend that if you're using any car mods that you install them *after* this mod and even then I can make no promises that they will work properly.

If you use RaTT's Overhaul Mod (which I personally recommend just for the improved physics) you should install that *before* installing this. Important thing to note is that as of right now the cars added in that patch are not converted by this mod

To install simply open VLTEd (preferably the latest version at the time of writing; 4.6), go to file -> open and navigate to your NFS ProStreet directory. Then, once it loads, go to file -> import and select "install me.nfsms" from wherever you downloaded this mod to. You will be presented with some information and a list of every car changed by this mod with the option to de-select any of them (they are all selected by default) if you don't want them to be changed


Johnny362000 (February 14, 2020 @ 13:25)
@Tear52 yes, the torque_split field under vehicle is what determines whether a car is FWD, RWD or AWD

Tear52 (February 14, 2020 @ 13:03)
I was wondering , how did you change the AWD to RWD ? You edit in vlt-ed and change the handling ?

Uploaded at: February 13, 2020 @ 13:23

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