Carbon - Astral Red Project by NATHANIEL900,gRiMBMW,NyxVeliona

Category: Maps/Tracks | Game: Need for Speed: Carbon

Carbon - Astral Red Project

Note: this mod is fully packaged for a user to easily implement and starts on normal difficulty.

- Added .nfsms which only has the car performance and nitrous changes.
- RX-7 gearing fix.
- SLR slightly better handling and worse power.
- Firetruck fixes.

- New graphics with red filter in re-shade (optional, can delete).
- Complete full car balance re-work.
- Stock cars have somewhat realistic performance.
- All bonus cars (M3 GTR, Audi Le Mans, etc.) are rewarded in career and have new performance profiles/upgrades.
- Tuner/Exotic/Muscle starter choice still exists but now cars have biases.
- Handling/Neutral/Speed are the new bias classes for this.
- Have you ever wisheed for no tiers? All cars can be upgraded to Tier 3 performance levels.
- Tier 1 pro packages moved to Silverton for balance.
- Adds tracks, icons for tracks, and localization in English.
- Adds 26 career races.
- One new race in each zone.
- One extra san juan race in each zone that had fewer races.
- Custom .gin files for Zonda F, CCX, and GT3 RS. (Credit: RaTT)
- San Juan and Silverton safehouse/carlot. (Credit: Venomleggs, and slightly edited by me)

Track Credit:
7 tracks - Collector's Edition
11 tracks - Nate
2 tracks - RaTT

Tracks (Circuits & Sprints):
- South Fortuna
- Francis Tunnel
- Central Crossover
- North Palmont
- Agostini Way
- Sewer & Hwy 142
- Silverton Drive
- Campbell Tunnel
- Mason St Bridge
- Ocean View (Reverse)
- Drift Time Attack
- Colossal Run
- Blackwell Bridge
- Construction Route
- Kempton Speedway
- The Strip
- Robinson Bay
- Stacked Deck
- Anderson Road
- World Loop

Additional Credits:
- NyxVeliona (Converting C6. R to Carbon and permission to use the model)
- ARCHIE (extended customization, autosculpt rims pack, motion blur control, custom hud)
- BadassBaboon (8k hdri sky, nfs2015 style map, remastered ui)
- ThirteenAG/Aero (widescreen, hd vinyls, hd reflections, hd content support, x360 rain droplets)
- nlgzrgn/nlgxzef (unlimiter, ExOpts Team)
- Splash45 (smackable spoke strips)
- AvalancheTK/Ariso (cross pursuit fix, better light flares mod)
- rx (buffed auto transmission)
- RaTT (infinite autosculpt sliders)
- NFSC rework (gray visual treatment)
- gRiMBMW (red lamp post lights, red reshade preset)
- tekizyte (apex project road textures)
- xan1242 (streak flare fixer)
- CiPHER (next gen hud)
- Laur1sXd (hd/real manufacturer/model logos & secondary logos for BB NFS games)
- Speedyheart (physics framerate changer)
- DeaTh (discord RPC)

Essential Scripts:
- Widescreen Fix:
- Unlimiter:
- Extra Options:
- Pursuits Gameplay System-
- Smackable spike strips: (nothing else from this mod)
- Cross Pursuit Fix: (options 2 & 3 are disabled)
- Police Vehicles-
- Better Light Flares Mod:
- Existing Car Mods & Customization-
- Extended Customization:
- Autosculpt Rims Pack:
- HD Vinyls:
- Buffed Automatic Transmission:
- Infinite Autosculpt Sliders:

- Gray visual treatment (from NFSC Rework)
- Red lamp post lights
- My red Reshade Preset
- Apex Project:
- 8K HDRI Skyboxes:
- Motion Blur Control:
- Streak Flare Fixer:
- NFS 2015 Style Map:
- HD Reflections:
- HD cubemap (for HD reflections):
- HD Content Support:
- Remastered UI:
- Custom HUD: &
- HD/Real Manufacturer/Model Logos & Secondary logos for Black Box NFS games:
- Xbox360 Rain Droplets:
- Gameplay General Improvements & Other Changes or Fixes-
- Physics Framerate Changer:
- Discord RPC:

Known bugs:
- Some San Juan races have no A.I. racers.

Please make a backup of all files before changing them.

To install this, drag and drop all modded files into your game.


Moises115 (June 24, 2024 @ 03:45)
Bro, the red filter makes it look bad and also, can you bring back the old performance of the cars?
Oh the other hand, great mod, I really hope you will add more races. Like longer circuits and sprints, it would be cool!

Moises115 (May 29, 2024 @ 17:40)
Is it possible to install it with OGVI?

RyanCooper75 (May 29, 2024 @ 02:26)
i to check first custom race and bots don't know where to go
my discord (cooperyan_)
track: new track
zone: Mason District

NATHANIEL900 (May 28, 2024 @ 19:44)
This mod is going to be a full game edition in the coming months, so I would prefer you add it as a requirement instead of directly putting the changes in rework

airoz75ua (May 28, 2024 @ 11:43)
Hi, can I borrow your mod for Carbon Rework?

Uploaded at: April 07, 2020 @ 04:59