Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 8 MR by CovRETA37

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Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 8 MR

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 8 MR
For NFS Most Wanted 2005
by CovRETA37

- Model from NFS Most Wanted 2005 & NFS Carbon
- Modloader // XName = LANCEREVO8
- Addons // XName = LANCEREVO8MR

- 88% accurate perfomance.
- Full customizable like vanilla NFSMW.
- Working brakelight textures.
- Working window & body damage textures.
- Unlocked after beating Baron (Blacklist 10)

> v1.0
- Initial release.
> v1.1
- Added addons version.
- New body 1 (Converted from NFSC)
- Fixed brakedisc position.
- Added minor detail MR stuff.
- New handling data (Copied from NFSC Evo IX MR)
- Added realistic stock final gear feature (Available for addons version)
- New Price car.
> v1.2
- Fixed some exhaust mount points for some bodykits (Known from FarrelPrayoga157's report)
> v1.3
- Improved perfomance data (Included gear ratio, engine, & handling)
- New body 2 (Converted from NFSC // by trackmaniamatt)
- Updated kit wheel offset.
- New tire texture with NFSMW style (By nlgzrgn)
> v1.5
- Added binary installation.
- Fixed a bit UV map of some bodykits.
- New Earl's Vinyl (Available for addons version)
- Smol improved some bodykits minor detail like NFSC Evo IX MR.

- No perfectly uv map for some bodykits (I did my best for it)
- If you found other bug, lemme know.

> Modloader Version :
1. First, make sure your NFSMW already installed with modloader.
2. Copy all files in "Main files" folder to your NFSMW directory.
3. Run copy_vinyls.bat.
4. Enjoy! start game with modloader.
> Addons Version :
1. First, You required to have
- NFSMW Unlimiter // Make sure your NFSMW installed with this.
- NFS VltEd (Required v4.5 or later)
- Ed the car dealer or Binary v2.1.0 // Just choose one which you like.
a) Via Ed the car dealer
a1. Put "Ed" folder to where you will install it with Ed.
a2. Run Ed.exe, click Main > Open > Browse to your NFSMW directory.
a3. Click Tools > Unlock Game Files For Modding.
a4. Click Apply & close it.
b) Via Binary
b1. Run Binary.exe, launch binary for user > Browse to Install.end.
b2. Then select to your NFSMW directory.
b3. Click Ok, and then click Yes.
b4. Close the binary.
2. Run NFS-Vlted.exe, click File > Open > Browse to your NFSMW directory.
3. Click File > Import > ModScript > Browse to "Install.nfsms".
4. Install it, save it, start game with new savegame! (You still can add new car on your old savegame if you know to do it)

- ZModeler 2.2.6
- NFS CarToolKit
- NFS TexEd
- NFS Perfomance Calculator
- NFS VltEd
- Blender

> CovRETA37 (me)
- Main this project (Major work for this project)
- Convert to NFSMW
- Set up perfomance data
- Make a New Earl's Vinyl
> EA Blackbox
- Original model & textures
> Arushan
- For Modloader
- For MWPS Template
> FarrelPrayoga157 a.k.a FLP
- Make an Ed config
- Convert some MWPS data to Vlt data (For addons version)
- Make a Binary script
> trackmaniamatt
- Convert body 2 from NFSC to NFSMW
> nlgzrgn
- For his tire texture with NFSMW style
- For his Ed & NFSMW unlimiter make it possible to make addons car
> The people who made tools for easily modding.
> And other people may forgot write in here.

- Don't use both replace (With modloader) & addons, because modloader doesn't work with modified by NFS VltEd (v4.2 or later), just choose one which you think best.

Youtube video (v1.1)


Erce (July 28, 2023 @ 15:37)
Carbon version when?

Erce (June 07, 2023 @ 18:00)
I thought the Evo IX/9 officially started in 2005?

Antonio (January 21, 2023 @ 20:45)
I was looking for this car!

RealRaptoReX (May 07, 2020 @ 16:45)
Oh I'm sorry I didn't want to post my last comment, by reloading it posted it again, sorry about that!

RealRaptoReX (May 07, 2020 @ 16:44)
Wait, what is different about this compared to the vanilla evo?


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