Lamborghini Reventon [addon] - Binary Update by TiSonic

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Lamborghini Reventon [addon] - Binary Update

Lamborghini Reventon - Binary update
by Ti-Sonic
For Need For Speed ProStreet

Model from NFS:W / S2U / FM4
It's added, so it replaces nothing.

Both Extended Customisation mod & Binary 2.9.0 are required, since 2.9.0 solves a bug present in 2.8.3:
Binary 2.9.0
[NFSPS] Extended Customization

Fixes brought by this update:
- EdTcd has been deprecated long ago, this new update now relies mostly on Binary.
- Car mod now supports all languages.
- Car data now contains both options to be installed or uninstalled.
- Kits, along with wide kit track width is now supported within Binary.
- Car performance has been redone from zero , changes are as follows:

Stock : Changes done to the aero, along with some tuning for the suspensions.
Grip : Same as stock, however tuned for a better grip, however power has been slightly nerfed, in-game tuning settings will help ya.
Drag : Stronger, however, be mindful of what you're doing. Recommended for 1/2 Mile mostly, however can do 1/4 mile just fine.
Speed Challenge : Buffed grip, redone gear ratios, snappier response. However, be careful with some bumps, it's not immune to the Nevada Highway.

Known issues and planned fixes:
One of the kit appears broken. Wasn't intended, but will be fixed along with a complete new model, as Binary allows far more possibilities.
The rims cannot be painted proprely or lightly, again due to the model in itself.
Some kits/hoods will be removed, or improved.
Make backups of your original files.
I'm not reponsible if anything happens and you didn't make any backups before installing the mod.

Install / Uninstall process :
1. Unpack the archive.
2. Run "Lam_Reventon.end" using Binary in User mode, and point it to your game folder.
3. Select if you want to install the mod or uninstall it, then let Binary do the work for you
4. When asked, click "Yes" to save files, click "No" when you're asked if you wanna run the game right now.
5. Using Vlt-Ed, select "Lam_Reventon.nfsms" and choose the option to install/uninstall it, then save using Ctrl+S.
6. Enjoy the game.

The use of that mod in any kind of modpack isn't allowed.
And i won't provide any help if someone happen to not understand that.

Those people or modpacks especially, are blacklisted from any use:
Rebalance Mod (VK)
Nikita Stepanov
If you're one of those who like to add mods in packs, and then asks for credit after, you're no better than these people.

Also,I'll provide no update or support of any kind for OGVI users.
Those who want to have that that will either have to wait for support from trusted modders, or do it themselves.

However, if you happen to encounter an issue (one that's currently unknown to me) please to report it, and i'll fix it ASAP.
Oleg - Zmodeler
MaxHwoy for Binary
DMN,SMS,Black Boxfor the models and textures
Me - some parts and textures
Nfsu360 - CTK 2.7 / Vlt-Ed 4.6
Eclipse72Rus - For introducing me into NFSPS modding, to which i'll always be grateful.
Adobe -Photoshop
Me, obviously.

I hope you'll enjoy it !


TiSonic (May 03, 2020 @ 22:01)
@Ratchet5PS3 : Thanks

Ratchet5PS3 (May 03, 2020 @ 19:56)
Underrated car, great work!

RoriRori (May 03, 2020 @ 16:33)
it doesnt work for me,i did everything in the readme file and the Reventon just doesn't appear
what did i do wrong? ):

Liaxis (May 03, 2020 @ 12:37)
Lovely! I do have to finish my current career before testing this mod though, RaTT's Overhaul mod doesn't like addon cars interfering with its own modded files. Looks good though, great work!

Uploaded at: May 03, 2020 @ 01:31