Need for Speed Pro Street : Handling Overhaul 1.0.2 by frannco1099

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Need for Speed Pro Street : Handling Overhaul 1.0.2


Fixed broken link

Basically this mod fix and revamp the stock vehicle handling from the game, and also ive fixed some bugs from the models itself

.Now all cars are fixed

.Now cars shift as they should

.same top horsepower on all builds

.fixed frontend car ride height (in menu) and in races

.fixed car stance

.fixed car grills in all kits

.fixed Ryan Cooper showing only half of its body

.fixed uv mapping on some cars

.fixed bugged brakedisc from stage 2

.fixed quick upgrades on some cars

.more accurate sounds

.ported sounds from UC and World

.fixed collision on some cars

.fixed missing exhaust on C2 Vette

.adjustable stock spoilers on some cars

.balanced cars performance

How to install:


1) paste the CARS folder in you default game directory (backups included JUST IN CASE)

2) paste the SOUND folder in your default game directory

3) Install the Handling Overhaul Installer.end through Binary

3.1) (in case you use Ed: The Car Dealer) paste the Config folder in your Ed directory and install them

4) install the .nfsms file with vlted

is that simple :)

Credits to:


ZModeler 2.2.6

nfsu360 - CarToolKit, NFS TexEd, NFS VltEd

MaxHwoy - Binary

Eziam1 - Speed limiter remover

ArchonOn - Removed tank slapper

Neon114, Ti-Sonic, Lexal, AlbinoBuffalo80, Aceofsquares3, Podvarak, and lots of great people that ive maybe mossed who helped me though all this process of making this mod as best as i could

If you want to support me, send your help on my paypal acc, will be marvelous for me, and you can see many others mods coming. Thanks!, ive also made myself an patreon account, so in that way you can see the actual mod progress and other cool things , the mod will be free so dont worry if you cant join :)


KenjaMago (October 15, 2021 @ 07:53)
Dude, the link for the mod is dead
plis fix

Zephyr4040404 (July 13, 2021 @ 14:08)
I tried both, new alias, new career, still doesn't show up. Which is very interesting because it worked perfectly in my previous installments and from some point on it just stopped showing up.

Podvarak (July 12, 2021 @ 16:30)
Zephyr, did you try creating a new savegame/alias?

Zephyr4040404 (July 11, 2021 @ 10:53)
I noticed you use Podvarak's Carrera GT fix. His mod is great but I'm not sure whether the issues are on his part or not. You may want to work on the vanilla model.

Zephyr4040404 (July 11, 2021 @ 10:42)
Installed 1.0.1 on a clean vanilla
1. Moving stock spoiler for Carrera GT still doesn't work. It doesn't show up in the shop at all (R8 and Veyron are fine). I checked in vlted and CarToolkit and still can't find anywhere wrong.
2. Still Carrera GT, the widebody kit uses stock bumpers for some reason (in vanilla there are new bumpers)
3. S2000 disappearance is still there because the pvehicle typo. Fixed it manually. You might want to check .nfsms file for "s20001" and correct it.


Uploaded at: May 16, 2020 @ 22:29


4d1520-Link_Handling_Overhaul.rar (Size: 172 bytes) Latest Version
19277f-Link Handling Overhaul 1.0.2.rar (Size: 156 bytes) Old Version
a548ee-Link Handling Overhaul 1.0.1.rar (Size: 154 bytes) Old Version