Relentless Cops(+ Roadblock and Helicopter Unit on Race) by JackJohnson

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Relentless Cops(+ Roadblock and Helicopter Unit on Race)

Are you ready to feel the heat?

This Cop mod is so hard and very aggressive it makes you feel scary. The Reason i Created this is because the cops in this game is not good and not fitting well for the busted scene, So That's Why i created this mods

This Mod is created by ME

- Head-on ram are now frequent at every heat level, and every job missions
- Increase the number of cops on every job missions
- Modified Cops Damage Zone to not totalled at all by front ramming ferociously(for cops)
- The Threat Level is now in right conjunction(in terms of the script)
- Modified heat level(up to 10), each heat level will have different chances of cops chasing when you idle(speeding however it's a different story)
- *Version 2* Modified the behavior of pursuit in race, the reaction of it is immediate, so i disable the countdown(with roadblock and helicopter units on race)
- *Version 2.5* The cops Were Buffed, by Increase number of backups, Long Cooldown Time, and more aggression
- *Version 2.5* Fixes the cops not spawning on any circumstances(either in free roam, race,etc) by decrease the minimum support to microseconds and increase the maximum support to the highest value
- *Version 3* Added PursuitRace code on forgotten events(Checkpoint E517)
- *Version 3* Increase # cops to trigger backup to 7 on scripted threat levels for job missions
- *Version 3* Added support for the GLOBAL Version as a separate), It may also work for the Origin Version.
- *Version 3* Added Cops on some challenge series events(INTENDED FOR LATEST VERSION OF THE GAME, So if you see a error on the race_bin_challenge_1 when applying the mod, which mean it doesn't work on OLD Version, but don't worry others will still be apply anyway)
- *Version 4* Modified Cop Car Performance and engine sound
- *Version 4* Acceleration and Top Speed Multiplier is set to 2 for all cop cars
- *Version 4.1* Modification to Cop Car Suspension like the one on racers
- *Version 4.1* Cop Cars now have collision Sounds
- *Version 5* Fix the Cop cars Mass By Changing the rigidbodyspecs to racers. Most noticeable one is you won't able to flip the suv cop car easily with light cars such as lotus elise
- *Version 5* Increase the number of cops patrolling around the map
- *Version 5* Cop cars no longer totalled when flipped
- *Version 5.1* Pursuit_threat_select is now right in conjuction than before(It only affects pursuit on Free roam, Because they use that node and not like the one on MW/Carbon which is fixed heat level and not dynamic unlike undercover)
- *Version 6* Acceleration and topspeedmultiplier increased to higher value(5)
- *Version 6* Cops is now behave super aggressive

Cop Car Performance Data(for version 4):

Cop_car_mid: Taken from Shelby GT500
Cop_car_mus: Taken from Shelby GT500KR
Cop_car_gtr: Taken from Nissan GT-R R35(The Real one, not the cop one)
Cop_car_por: Taken from Carrera GT
Cop_car_suv: Taken from Corvette Z06

It takes skill to escape the cops. This is not for faint of heart

Contains 2 Versions inside:

- GLOBAL(for WinXP Users mainly, because VltED is not compatible with that OS, It Has 2 versions, one for the steam and one for the latest version. Theoretically For the latest version, Origin version should work)
- NFSMS Scripts(required latest version of VltED, Work on all versions)

Steps for global version:

Just copy 1 version of global folder inside of Relentless cops Folder into the game's directory and then rename to "GLOBAL" unquote.

Steps for NFSMS Version:

1. Download NFS-VltED(latest version)
2. Extract the zip file
3. Open NFS-VltED
4. Select NFS Undercover Game Directory(from file Menu, and then open)
5. Then Install the script named "NFSUC_Relentless.nfsms"
6. Lastly, Save the mod first before exiting the program

NOTE: Please make sure to backup the file before attempting to apply the mod


- When you race with 7 AI, the cops only spawn few, this is limited to a game engine and can't be fixed

Build it on VltED 4.6/NFS Undercover STEAM Version
P.S With the patch added to it(Unofficial) for the Version 3 of my mod.

If there is a error, that's normal, the mod will still be apply(IF YOU APPLY BEFORE THEN, I Recommend installing it over again. That's for the NFSMS Version only)

NOTE: Don't use Version 2 of My mod, there is a bug that mention in the description

This is the Last Version of my mod, and will be no new things released.

Other Mods applied in the mod thumbnail:

Damage Mod and emitters by Legsolo
NFSUC Graphics Enhancement Mod

Have fun escaping from the reckless cops.


(I'm Not german by the way, i'm just doing this for fun)

This Video is showcasing my mod on Free Roam(V4.1)


PANZER24 (October 22, 2020 @ 20:58)
thanks mate, really appreciate it :)

JackJohnson (October 19, 2020 @ 00:19)
@PANZER24 Just install events.nfsms inside of nfsms folder, if you want vanilla cops(not recommended if you want a challenge)

If you install it before, Revert back to original(assume you have backed up the GLOBAL Folder or its file), then install just one that i put here before.

PANZER24 (October 17, 2020 @ 14:54)
Hey, your mod is really cool as it adds roadblocks and helicopters to races, but it is too hard for me, so I need to know how to disable the aggressive AI and just keep all the other cool features, thanks for your work on this mod :)

Pavel1996 (August 23, 2020 @ 15:17)
Cops became more alive. Could anyone make Hummer h2 for this game?

Splash45 (August 15, 2020 @ 02:45)
A must have mod if you want to go all-out with the cops, literally! Great work JackJohnson!

Uploaded at: June 19, 2020 @ 03:22


a7d2d5-NFSUC_Relentless_Cops_V6.7z (Size: 22.05MB) Latest Version
af33a4-NFSUC_Relentless_Cops_V5.1.7z (Size: 19.29MB) Old Version
d170c0-NFSUC_Relentless_Cops_V5.7z (Size: 19.28MB) Old Version