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Relentless Cops (UC)


Are you ready to feel the heat?

This cop mod is very aggressive it makes you feel scary. The reason i created this is because the cops in this game is not good and not fitting well for the busted scene and that's why this mod was made

This is the Trailer

- Head-on ram are now frequent at every heat level, and every job missions
- Increase the number of cops on every job missions
- Modified Cops Damage Zone to not totalled at all by front ramming ferociously(for cops)
- The Threat Level is now in right conjunction(in terms of the script)
- *Version 2.5* Modified the behaviour of pursuit in race, the reaction of it is immediate, so i disable the countdown(with roadblock and helicopter units on race)
- *Version 2.5* The Cops were Buffed, by increase number of backups, long cooldown time and more aggression
- *Version 2.5* Fixes the cops not spawning on any circumstances(either in free roam, race,etc) by decrease the minimum support to microseconds and increase the maximum support to the highest value
- *Version 3* Added PursuitRace code on forgotten events(Checkpoint E517)
- *Version 3* Increase number of cops to trigger backup to 7 on scripted threat levels for job missions
- *Version 3* Added support for the GLOBAL Version as a separate), it may also work for the Origin Version.
- *Version 3* Added Cops on some challenge series events(INTENDED FOR LATEST VERSION OF THE GAME, so if you see a error on the race_bin_challenge_1 when applying the mod which mean it doesn't work on OLD Version, but don't worry others will still be apply anyway)
- *Version 4.1* Cop cars now have Collision Sounds
- *Version 5* Fix the Cop Cars Mass by changing the rigidbodyspecs to racers. Most noticeable one is you won't able to flip the suv cop car easily with light cars such as lotus elise
- *Version 5* Increase the number of cops patrolling around the map
- *Version 5* Cop cars no longer totalled when flipped
- *Version 5.1* Pursuit_threat_select is now right in conjunction than before(It only affects pursuit on Free roam, because they use that node and not like the one on MW/Carbon which is fixed heat level and not dynamic unlike undercover)
- *Version 6* Acceleration and Topspeedmultiplier increased to higher value(5)
- *Version 6* Cops is now behave super aggressive
- *Version 7* Improvement in Pursuit Events(Inspired by Wurf)
- *Version 7* Changes to the Cop Car Damage
- *Version 7.1* The cops will no longer called off in certain time on job missions, which mean that this will take forever until you escape from it
- *Version 7.1* Increased helicopter fuel time and inactive(120s and 180s respectively) on job missions
- *Version 7.1* Changed time limit on Car Delivery Missions(McLaren and Bugatti)
- *Version 8* Changes in NFSMS script
- *Version 8* Cops will now able to keep with you(at least by a bit) by modifying the engagement radius
- *Version 8.0.3* Removed GLOBAL - ORIGIN_1.0.1.18 version since it was useless due to bugginess in their form
- *Version 8.0.3* Removed Racer Performance from the scripts because as i analyzed it, it was poor in difficulty(especially the gtr) and replace with different choice of suspension instead(Vanilla and Racer(ChassisHuman))
- *Version 8.0.3* The GLOBAL Folder is also updated to no longer use racer performance in it anymore and replace it 2 version with different suspension choices. The HARD uses Chassis simple, while the regular uses chassis from the racer
- *Version 8.0.3* Added Engine Sound Swap as a option in nfsms install scripts(Replacement of Racer performance, but this did NOT change the cop performance at all, it just the sound)
- *Version 8.0.5* Nerf the cops boxin and pitmaneuver on lower threat level along with the cops better at boxin you in now at higher threat level
- *Version 8.0.5* Changes to Roadblock Radius on search mode
- *Version 8.0.6* Added Riced-up Cop Car as a option in nfsms install scripts
- *Version* Made changes on the backup timer
- *Version* Increase torque boost on cop cars to made it overpowered and no grip increase when using NOS on all of them
- *Version* Minor changes to the script by adding e239 as a mandatory to have roadblock and special units in race, so unchecking them will still enable it along with added options of "Rubberband Cops NOS"
- 9/14/21 *Version* Cleaning up useless value on pursuitsupport(HeavySupportOptions and LeaderSupportOptions because it really isn't necessary) and modified AirSupportOptions on Threat Level 5+
- 9/24/21 Updated to version 9
- *Version 9* Revert the max heat level back to 5 since it was useless and modified them to fair amount. On Heat level 1 the cops will not be chased no matter what you do unless you hit them
- *Version 9* Modified backup timer to balanced value(max 60s) since that fix on version did work. And also the other stuff
- *Version 9* Cops will now have weak spot on rear side(Which is set to 1 and 1/2 of mass on cops collisionreactions)
- *Version 9* Modified Player front collisionreactions
- 10/25/21 *Version 9.0.1* Changed the pursuit with support time minimum to 1 second due to game not having time to calculate the value along with roadblock spawn search chance on Max threat level
- 11/14/21 *Version 9.0.1 HotFix* Polished the TimetoHideInZone value on threat level 6+ and jobs missions to more MW-Like Cooldown time
- 12/4/21 *Version* Removed the License plate on 911 turbo due to misallocated plates which is on the bottom of the car
- 12/5/21 *Version 10* Added balanced difficulty option which is consider easier option than it was before
- 12/5/21 *Version 10* Added workaround to slow cop performance when you installed some of handling or overhaul mod by copying the existing vanilla cop performance and then use it as that. Required to install this first once with others unchecked before installing any overhaul or handling mod
- 12/5/21 *Version 10* You can select difficulty options in nfsms install script which only changes amount of backup, the spawn rate, etc while keeping the tactics and bust speed intact
- 12/5/21 *Version 10* GLOBAL Folder is the balanced difficulty option and the HARD one is the hardest difficulty option
- 1/2/22 Updated the README File and the NFSMods Description
- 1/19/22 *Version 10.1* Modified cost to state calloff level on default pursuitlevels node in an attempt to fix the pursuit system
- 3/31/22 Updated to Version 10.2
- *Version 10.2* Made some changes on the install script and the GLOBAL Version
- *Version 10.2* Made some minor correction to the Roadblock Radius on search mode
- 3/8/23 Updating the README file
- *Version 10.2.1* Removal of cop car customization
- *Version 10.2.1* Removed support for older version of reformed
- *Version 10.2.1* And some other changes

Reminder the LITE Version doesn't change anything on the scripts at all. It only removes unnecessary files(Primarily in GLOBAL Folder) and lower the PNG quality to make the archive significantly small.

The Pursuit events improvement had:

+ No More Time limit on cost to state and cop takeout event
+ Text at the beginning of each events is now removed (e.g. Take out 3 Cop Cars)
+ Increased domination and track record time
+ Changes in threat level min and max
+ Increased Requirements in each of the pursuit events. If you keep progress throughout the game, it will require a lot more of it
+ As a bonus, i'm also added support for the challenge series events
+ More time to escape from the cops (For Escape Events)

Heat Level(Consisted threat level since version 9):

Only when you selected the balanced difficulty*

Heat Lvl 1(Threat lvl 1): Civic Cruiser(Cooldown 40s, Backup Timer 120s or 120s*)
Heat Lvl 1.5(Threat lvl 2): Civic Cruiser(10% Roadblock Chance, Cooldown 45s, Backup Timer 120s or 120s*)
Heat Lvl 2(Threat lvl 3): Civic Cruiser, State Muscle Unit(25% Roadblock Chance, Cooldown 60s, Backup Timer 100s or 120s*)
Heat Lvl 2.5(Threat lvl 4): Civic Cruiser, State Muscle Unit(45% Roadblock or with spike chance, Cooldown 65s, Backup Timer 100s or 120s*)
Heat Lvl 3(Threat lvl 5): Super state unit, State Muscle Unit, Civic Cruiser,Helicopter(65% Roadblock or with spike chance, Cooldown 75s, Backup Timer 90s or 120s*)
Heat Lvl 3.5(Threat lvl 6): Super state unit, State Muscle Unit, Civic Cruiser,Helicopter(70% Roadblock Chance, 85% Roadblock Spike Chance, Cooldown 90s, Backup Timer 80s or 100s*)
Heat Lvl 4(Threat lvl 7): Federal unit, State Muscle Unit, Super state unit,Helicopter(75% Roadblock Chance, 90% Roadblock Spike Chance, Cooldown 100s, Backup Timer 70s or 90s*)
Heat Lvl 4.5(Threat lvl 8): Federal unit, Heavy SUV, Super state unit,Helicopter(80% Roadblock Chance, 95% Roadblock Spike Chance, Cooldown 120s, Backup Timer 60s or 90s*)
Heat Lvl 5(Threat lvl 9): Federal unit, Heavy SUV, Super state unit,Helicopter(85% Roadblock Chance, 95% Roadblock Spike Chance, Cooldown 120s, Backup Timer 60s or 90s*)
Heat Lvl 5.5(Threat lvl 10): Federal unit, Heavy SUV, Super state unit,Helicopter(95% Roadblock Chance, 100% Roadblock Spike Chance, Cooldown 120s, Backup Timer 60s or 90s*)

NOTE: The heat level that is shown on the Left side of the screen is NOT gonna be the same that i documented here, in fact it does nothing when it's escalated(no changes in units), but depends on some pursuit events that you doing or if you doing the freeroam pursuit it's gonna be depend on your wheelman level.

Contains 2 Versions inside:

- GLOBAL(Only Supported STEAM Version Now, No VltED Required)
- NFSMS Scripts(required latest version of VltED, Work on all versions)


Steps for global version(UPDATED for LITE Version):

1. Extract the zip file
2. Go inside the extracted folder then double click your choices of GLOBAL folder whether it's balanced or the hard difficulty option
3. Copy all the files inside that directory to your game's GLOBAL Folder

IMPORTANT NOTE: Only for STEAM Version now since i'm stop supporting the latest version of the game(ORIGIN and version).

Steps for NFSMS Version:

1. Download NFS-VltED(latest version)
2. Extract the zip file
3. Open NFS-VltED
4. Select NFS Undercover Game Directory(from file Menu, and then open)
5. Then Install the script named "NFSUC_Relentless.nfsms"
6. Lastly, Save the mod first before exiting the program

NOTE: Please make sure to backup the file before attempting to apply the mod.

- When you race with 7 AI, the cops only spawn few, this is limited to a game engine and can't be fixed. The workaround is to install Extra Options and set the opponent number to 3
- (Placebo, no effect on the game) Some pursuit events have not the track record changed even though i did
- Don't use UCEV, otherwise the game will crash inconsistently(not so much with NFSUC_Tweaks that came with Reformed Mod, not from this because that wasn't updated with custom memory config support the last time i checked it

Build it on VltED 4.6/NFS Undercover STEAM Version

If there is a error, that's normal, the mod will still be apply

NOTE: Don't use Version 2 and 8.0.6 of my mod, there is a bug where in version 2 had cop spawn problem because i modified pursuit_support_min and max about 30 and 60 seconds respectively and doesn't work well. In version 8.0.6, i attempted to remove cooldown_cop_limit and cooldown_distance_limit and it ended them being very stupid.

Have fun escaping from the reckless cops.


With Pursuit Events Improvements

Cop Takeout

Cost to State



gonnofonfsqopqnf12124enpwo (August 07, 2023 @ 09:42)
where can i get undercover civic cruiser?

GamerGirl2000 (May 04, 2023 @ 20:55)
I've done the global version tho I have the mod manager for nfs, will it matter or break anything if I do both?

GamerGirl2000 (May 04, 2023 @ 20:22)
I hate how fast the bust meter goes now, my fucking god.

jgabagat (December 07, 2022 @ 12:21)
3.5/10 not good. because when i try escaping, but the nissan gtrs ,911s and the suv are trying to bust me. so that's why

cris (October 27, 2022 @ 22:57)
what you grapfics and textures?

Uploaded at: June 19, 2020 @ 03:22


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983f14-NFSUC_Relentless_Cops_V8.0.1-FINAL.7z (Size: 1.7MB) Old Version
73e641-NFSUC_Relentless_Cops_V8-FINAL-HotFix.7z (Size: 1.61MB) Old Version
9c5217-NFSUC_Relentless_Cops_V8-FINAL.7z (Size: 1.61MB) Old Version
14519c-NFSUC_Relentless_Cops_V7.1.7z (Size: 1.59MB) Old Version
cf64cb-NFSUC_Relentless_Cops_V7-LITE.7z (Size: 1.6MB) Old Version
24c282-NFSUC_Relentless_Cops_V7.7z (Size: 27.92MB) Old Version
eeb3ac-NFSUC_Relentless_Cops_V6.1.7z (Size: 27.9MB) Old Version
a7d2d5-NFSUC_Relentless_Cops_V6.7z (Size: 22.05MB) Old Version
af33a4-NFSUC_Relentless_Cops_V5.1.7z (Size: 19.29MB) Old Version
d170c0-NFSUC_Relentless_Cops_V5.7z (Size: 19.28MB) Old Version
95f275-NFSUC_Relentless_Cops_V4.1.7z (Size: 19.28MB) Old Version
44ff60-NFSUC_Relentless_Cops_V4.7z (Size: 19.1MB) Old Version
b36176-NFSUC_Relentless_Cops_V3.7z (Size: 19.09MB) Old Version (Size: 25.86MB) Old Version (Size: 26.46MB) Old Version (Size: 26.29MB) Old Version