Relentless Cops(+ Roadblock and Helicopter Unit on Race) by JackJohnson

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Relentless Cops(+ Roadblock and Helicopter Unit on Race)

Are you ready to feel the heat?

This Cop mod is so hard and very aggressive it makes you feel scary. The Reason i Created this is because the cops in this game is not good and not fitting well for the busted scene, So That's Why i created this mods

This Mod is created by ME

- Head-on ram are now frequent at every heat level, and every job missions
- Increase the number of cops on every job missions
- Modified Cops Damage Zone to not totalled at all by front ramming ferociously(for cops)
- The Threat Level is now in right conjunction(in terms of the script)
- Modified heat level(up to 10), each heat level will have different chances of cops chasing when you idle. But when speeding, the cops will chased you no matter what heat level you are on.
- *Version 2* Modified the behavior of pursuit in race, the reaction of it is immediate, so i disable the countdown(with roadblock and helicopter units on race)
- *Version 2.5* The cops Were Buffed, by Increase number of backups, Long Cooldown Time, and more aggression
- *Version 2.5* Fixes the cops not spawning on any circumstances(either in free roam, race,etc) by decrease the minimum support to microseconds and increase the maximum support to the highest value
- *Version 3* Added PursuitRace code on forgotten events(Checkpoint E517)
- *Version 3* Increase # cops to trigger backup to 7 on scripted threat levels for job missions
- *Version 3* Added support for the GLOBAL Version as a separate), It may also work for the Origin Version.
- *Version 3* Added Cops on some challenge series events(INTENDED FOR LATEST VERSION OF THE GAME, So if you see a error on the race_bin_challenge_1 when applying the mod, which mean it doesn't work on OLD Version, but don't worry others will still be apply anyway)
- *Version 4* Modified Cop Car Performance and engine sound
- *Version 4* Acceleration and Top Speed Multiplier is set to 2 for all cop cars
- *Version 4.1* Modification to Cop Car Suspension like the one on racers
- *Version 4.1* Cop Cars now have collision Sounds
- *Version 5* Fix the Cop cars Mass By Changing the rigidbodyspecs to racers. Most noticeable one is you won't able to flip the suv cop car easily with light cars such as lotus elise
- *Version 5* Increase the number of cops patrolling around the map
- *Version 5* Cop cars no longer totalled when flipped
- *Version 5.1* Pursuit_threat_select is now right in conjuction than before(It only affects pursuit on Free roam, Because they use that node and not like the one on MW/Carbon which is fixed heat level and not dynamic unlike undercover)
- *Version 6* Acceleration and topspeedmultiplier increased to higher value(5)
- *Version 6* Cops is now behave super aggressive
- *Version 6.1* Added support for Legsolo's Reformed Mod(mostly for his add-on cop cars, props to him)(NFSMS only)
- *Version 7* Major NFSMS Install script changes by adding options to choose cop or racer performance and enable or disable roadblock and helicopter in races
- *Version 7* Improvement in Pursuit Events(Inspired by Wurf)
- *Version 7* Changes to the Cop car damage
- *Version 7.1* The cops will no longer called off in certain time on job missions, which mean that this will take forever until you escape from it
- *Version 7.1* Increased helicopter fuel time and inactive(120s and 180s respectively) on job missions
- *Version 7.1* Changed time limit on Car delivery Missions(McLaren and Bugatti)
- *Version 8* Changes in NFSMS script
- *Version 8* Cops will now able to keep with you(at least by a bit) by modifying the engagement radius
- *Version 8 HOTFIX* Fixes script arrangement errors in nfsms Install File
- *Version 8.0.1* Added Hard Version of the GLOBAL Folder, which only changes to vanilla cop performance, Why is that?, if you had the dare, you had to try it(Only Supported STEAM Version, no longer supporting Version anymore)
- *Version 8.0.2* Added Option for having vanilla performance but with Suspension from the Racer(ChassisHuman)(NFSMS Only)

Reminder the LITE Version doesn't change anything on the scripts at all. It only removes unnecessary files(Primarily in GLOBAL Folder) and lower the PNG quality to make the archive significantly small.

Cop Car Performance Data(only for those who choose racer performance on nfsms install scripts, if you didn't choose that, you shouldn't bother reading this column):

Cop_car_mid(Same for undercover variant): Taken from Shelby GT500
Cop_car_mus(Same for undercover variant): Taken from Shelby GT500KR
Cop_car_gtr: Taken from Nissan GT-R R35(The Real one, not the cop one)
Cop_car_por: Taken from Carrera GT
Cop_car_suv(Same for the Light SUV): Taken from Corvette Z06

The Pursuit events improvement had:

+ No More Time limit on cost to state and cop takeout event
+ Text at the beginning of each events is now removed (e.g. Take out 3 Cop Cars)
+ Increased domination and track record time
+ Changes in threat level min and max
+ Increased Requirements in each of the pursuit events. If you keep progress throughout the game, it will require a lot more of it
+ As a bonus, i'm also added support for the challenge series events
+ More time to escape from the cops (For Escape Events)

It takes skill to escape the cops. This is not for faint of heart

Heat Level(Consisted threat level):

Heat Lvl 1(Threat lvl 1): Civic Cruiser(Cooldown 40s)
Heat Lvl 1.5(Threat lvl 2): Civic Cruiser(10% Roadblock Chance, Cooldown 45s)
Heat Lvl 2(Threat lvl 3): Civic Cruiser, State Muscle Unit(25% Roadblock Chance, Cooldown 60s)
Heat Lvl 2.5(Threat lvl 4): Civic Cruiser, State Muscle Unit(45% Roadblock or with spike chance, Cooldown 75s)
Heat Lvl 3(Threat lvl 5): Super state unit, State Muscle Unit, Civic Cruiser,Helicopter(65% Roadblock or with spike chance, Cooldown 90s)
Heat Lvl 3.5(Threat lvl 6): Super state unit, State Muscle Unit, Civic Cruiser,Helicopter(70% Roadblock Chance, 85% Roadblock Spike Chance, Cooldown 120s)
Heat Lvl 4(Threat lvl 7): Federal unit, State Muscle Unit, Super state unit,Helicopter(75% Roadblock Chance, 90% Roadblock Spike Chance, Cooldown 120s)
Heat Lvl 4.5(Threat lvl 8): Federal unit, Heavy SUV, Super state unit,Helicopter(80% Roadblock Chance, 95% Roadblock Spike Chance, Cooldown 120s)
Heat Lvl 5(Threat lvl 9): Federal unit, Heavy SUV, Super state unit,Helicopter(85% Roadblock Chance, 95% Roadblock Spike Chance, Cooldown 120s)
Heat Lvl 5.5(Threat lvl 10): Federal unit, Heavy SUV, Super state unit,Helicopter(95% Roadblock Chance, 100% Roadblock Spike Chance, Cooldown 120s)

NOTE: The heat level that is shown on the Left side of the screen is NOT gonna be the same that i documented here, in fact it does nothing when it's escalated(no changes in units), but depends on some pursuit events that you doing, or if you doing the freeroam pursuit it's gonna be depend on your wheelman level.

Contains 2 Versions inside:

- GLOBAL(for WinXP Users mainly, because VltED is not compatible with that OS, It Has 2 versions, one for the steam and one for the latest version. Theoretically For the latest version, Origin should work)
- NFSMS Scripts(required latest version of VltED, Work on all versions)

Steps for global version(UPDATED for LITE Version):

1. Extract the zip file
2. Go inside the extracted folder, there is Steam and origin version respectively, look what version you had and then double click the folder
3. Copy all the files inside that directory to your game's GLOBAL Folder(What i mean is the path that your game is installed on)

Steps for NFSMS Version:

1. Download NFS-VltED(latest version)
2. Extract the zip file
3. Open NFS-VltED
4. Select NFS Undercover Game Directory(from file Menu, and then open)
5. Then Install the script named "NFSUC_Relentless.nfsms"
6. Lastly, Save the mod first before exiting the program

For Reformed support:

6.5. Make sure you install his mod before you apply it(don't check the enhanced pursuits, cause you gonna be using my mod for it)
7. Just install the script named that i put here before, but this time check the "Reformed support and install it"

NOTE 1: If You already install my mod beforehand and want to install that support, make sure you uncheck the main mod to avoid problems.
NOTE 2: If you didn't install my mod yet, Just check some of the boxes to your desire, and install it.
NOTE 3: Please make sure to backup the file before attempting to apply the mod.


- When you race with 7 AI, the cops only spawn few, this is limited to a game engine and can't be fixed
- (Minor) When you totalled addon cop cars, It doesn't show any HUD Screen that usually says "Cop Unit Disabled"
- (For Reformed) May crashes the game inconsistently due to frequency spawning of add-on cop cars
- (Placebo, no effect on the game) Some pursuit events have not the track record changed, even though i did
- *UPDATED* Another issue that i encounter is the busted cutscene may have bugged out, it just stuck there and nothing happen. The only way to getting through is to restart the game. I Suspect that bug is caused by TCPD Refresh by DarthDitto, i recommend to NOT install that if you don't want to encounter that whenever you get busted.

Build it on VltED 4.6/NFS Undercover STEAM Version(best version there is, Recommended)
P.S With the patch(the worst latest version of the game) added to it(Unofficial) for the Version 3 of my mod.

If there is a error, that's normal, the mod will still be apply(IF YOU APPLY BEFORE THEN, I Recommend installing it over again. That's for the NFSMS Version only)

NOTE: Don't use Version 2 of My mod, there is a bug that mention in the description

Other Mods applied in the mod thumbnail:
NFS-UCEV by Baboon(May causes crashes, due to out of memory. The file "Memoryexhausted.log" was created each time when it crashes)

Have fun escaping from the reckless cops.


Pursuit Events Improvement:

Cop Takeout:

Cost to State:


This Video is showcasing my mod on Free Roam(V4.1, OLD)

New Video Right Here, Showcasing the version 6 of my mod

This One showing the pursuit events which is cop takeout and cost to state event. DON'T CLICK IT, Because of this video and #25 are showing the highest value of each event if you don't want to be spoiled.


JackJohnson (January 18, 2021 @ 05:26)
@httpscakes You haven't extracted the nfsms folder which the install script referred to.

httpscakes (January 18, 2021 @ 02:00)
Whenever I download this mod on VLTED, I try and put in the modscript, it says "Modscript has been corrupted or an unsupported format" What do I do? I'm using the latest verison of VLTED.

JackJohnson (November 07, 2020 @ 01:49)
@manticore Yes, although a bit of weird of what cop car actually spawn, one time on high threat level race, the cops sometime spawn civic cruiser, despite that, it's still fine. The helicopter and other units(Federal and super state) will still spawn anyway.

Manticore (November 06, 2020 @ 16:13)
Hi, does this make cops appear in Quick Race mode as well?

JackJohnson (November 06, 2020 @ 01:14)
Ignore the "This is the Last Version of my mod, and will be no new things released", i was wrong, i'm only releasing new one if i had a new idea. But, if my ideas are running out, it might be it.


Uploaded at: June 19, 2020 @ 03:22


f6f7c6-NFSUC_Relentless_Cops_V8.0.2-FINAL.7z (Size: 1.69MB) Latest Version
983f14-NFSUC_Relentless_Cops_V8.0.1-FINAL.7z (Size: 1.7MB) Old Version
73e641-NFSUC_Relentless_Cops_V8-FINAL-HotFix.7z (Size: 1.61MB) Old Version