NFS Undercover Revamped Pursuits (Lite) by GertrudeFremont

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NFS Undercover Revamped Pursuits (Lite)


This mod is an edit of Splash45's Revamped Pursuits v1.0. Link

This mod uses Revamped Pursuits v1.0 as a base. Revamped Pursuits is a great cop mod for Undercover, however the only issue is that the cop events become nearly impossible to complete within the time limit. This mod aims to improve the cop AI of Undercover whilst still making the cop events possible to complete within the time limit.

This mod is standalone, you will not need the original Revamped Pursuits for this

v1.0 Changelog
  • Faster response time upon starting a pursuit
  • Aggressive A.I., especially in higher heat levels
  • Longer duration of cooldown
  • Pursuits will last much longer than usual before the cops call it off
  • Modified spawnrates
  • Frequency of roadblocks and Spike strips increased
  • Frequency of rhino units increased
  • Cops only initiate pursuit in freeroam if you collide with them or with traffic
  • Changed infraction fines: Speeding and Offroading ($0), Street Racing ($750), Hit & Run ($1000), Resisting Arrest ($2500)

Difference with main Revamped Pursuits
  • Helicopter frequency and fuel time same as vanilla game
  • Number of cop patrols kept to the vanilla value
  • Number of backup units and backup timer kept to the vanilla value


  • Backup your GLOBAL folder
  • Download the latest version of NFS VltEd
  • Download and extract my mod
  • Run VltEd as an administrator
  • Go to File>>Import>>ModScript
  • Navigate to the ModScript provided by my mod and click open
  • Click install
  • Click File>>Save
  • Done! Enjoy the mod!


  • Restore the backup of your GLOBAL folder to the root directory of the game


Youtube Video showcasing the features of this mod


  • GertrudeFremont (myself) for the Modscript
  • Splash45 for the base mod Revamped Pursuits
  • Rakhay for the script that prevents the cops from randomly initiating a pursuit Link
  • nfsu360 for creating NFS VltEd and therefore making this mod possible
  • Black Box for creating the original game



Pisoj001 (October 10, 2021 @ 10:56)
the cops not reacting when seeing you makes car stealing jobs too easy. You just drive past them like the car was not reported stolen.
Its cool in freeroam, but when doing missions that should be removed

Uploaded at: August 27, 2020 @ 16:41

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