Remove Extra Pinkslips (Fixes for Reformed Mod) by JackJohnson

Category: Scripts | Game: Need for Speed: Undercover

Remove Extra Pinkslips (Fixes for Reformed Mod)

The reason i made this is because the pinkslips menu limits with 6 cars, adding more pinkslips to it after that limit, will no longer shown cars that you added in their menu and facts worsened when you had 3 pinkslips in the garage(not in the pinkslip menu), it will crash the game if you add more cars to it.

What this actually do is to remove the pinkslip trigger for bosses and goons cars with exception of the cover car.

This fixes Removes only these enemy cars:

- Zack
- Hector(if there's any)
- Hector Goons
- Nickel
- Rose
- GMAC Goons
- Betrayed ISF

NOTE: This fixes only works if you had Reformed mod 5.1 installed

IMPORTANT: Existing save data will not hampered the pinkslips that you had, it just removes the trigger, but i'm just want to recommended to create a new save data for full effect.

IMPORTANT 2: If you play with existing save data that you played with the fixes before after you restore the backup, Make sure you INSTALL THAT FIXES, otherwise the game will play all of the cutscenes and skipping it will take forever to do it.

- *Version 2* You can now select each of the cars that you may want to remove from the pinkslip trigger (As a checkbox)


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