UG2 Tire Textures For UG1 by xGMVx

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UG2 Tire Textures For UG1


Hello everyone. This is my first mod that I ever make public, so any suggestions are welcome.

What is this?
NFS Underground's tire textures always felt underwhelming to me, almost cartoony. So I had the idea to grab NFS Underground 2's tire textures and use them here. The results are perfect, as to be expected.

How to install?
Simply run Binary's latest version (v.2.5.5 as of now), click on the left side and choose User Mode. Guide the program to the location of the "NFSU_TIRE_TEX.end" file, then choose the directory of your game. Wait for it to finish and when prompted to save changes, choose yes.

Version 1.0 - Initial Release;
Version 1.1 - Changed installation method to Binary and removed some extra unneeded textures.
Version 1.2 - Made sure the textures will be applied even if TexMod is used (thanks Forty)
Version 1.3 - Fixed Acura Integra's tireback texture transparency issue. (Again thanks to Forty)

Tools used
GIMP 2 with DDS Plugin
NFS-TexEd 1.7
Binary v2.5.5
Mod on thumbnail is courtesy of Forty's No Stock Spoilers mod. [url=][/url]

Thank you everyone who helped me achieve this. Your help is much appreciated, you know who you are. I promise to get better and deliver more content in the future.

Before/After comparison


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Uploaded at: January 17, 2021 @ 05:16


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