Seiyuus on Rockport (500+ Custom AI Opponent Names Mod) by TBNRassault0030

Category: Miscellaneous | Game: Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Seiyuus on Rockport (500+ Custom AI Opponent Names Mod)


"Your favorite seiyuus are your racing rival now!"


- All first names of well-known seiyuus are added as AI Opponent Names

Needed Mods

NFSMW Unlimiter by nlgzrgn

Dodge Charger SRT8 Pursuit Addon by Goodboygamer


(for both Original and SRT-8 Addon):

1. Install NFSMW Unlimiter
2. Backup your English.bin found at "LANGUAGES" (without "") folder at the game files
3. Place the mod to the "LANGUAGES" (without "") folder.
4. Challenge the seiyuus now! (Play the game.)

Note: This Mod is compatible only in English Version!


v1.1 - Added Compatibility to the users of Goodboygamer's Dodge Charger SRT8 Pursuit Addon
v1.0 - Initial Release


maxhwoy - Binary Editor
AlbinoBuffalo_80 - for a little tutorial in adding custom opponent names
nlgzrgn - for the NFS Unlimiter - for the seiyuu's names
Goodboygamer - For Dodge Charger SRT8 Pursuit Addon



Literally offtopic to the mod:

Congratulations to the winners of 15th Seiyuu Awards that happened at the night of March 6, 2021

Kenjiro Tsuda on Best Seiyuu Actor Award
Yui Ishikawa on Best Seiyuu Actress Award
and also for others.

I wish seiyuu Kokoa Amano win in future seiyuu awards!


Frexellia (February 19, 2021 @ 05:54)
Would've been much more glorious combined with the japanese dub installed

KarmaStick (February 19, 2021 @ 00:54)
Why? Why you act like a god?