NFSMW Addon Decals v1.2 by Kenathorn

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NFSMW Addon Decals v1.2

Need For Speed™ Most WantedAddon Decals by Kenathorn
Current version: 1.2

Pack contains 56 brand new decals for NFS Most Wanted. It also enables Falken Tire and Wilwood decals, which weren't available in the game despite the presence of their textures in the game files.
Overall it's 58 new sponsor decals.

■ All the decals come with SD and HD texture resolutions, so you can choose what texture quality do you prefer ■

UPDATE #1 - version 1.1:
  • Added 18 brand new decals.

UPDATE #2 - version 1.2:
  • Added 16 brand new decals.
  • Installing or updating the mod finally won't mess up look of your customs cars, it might just only replace some installed decals;
  • The mod is now compatible with other decal packs (like 'Classic NFS Decals' by AJLethal). Just make sure you install NFSMW Addon Decals v1.2 AFTER all the the other decal packs;
  • Avus Wheels decal is no longer replaced by ACCEL Ignition due to updated installation files. That means ACCEL Ignition is now an addon decal;
  • Fixed absence of textures for white Quaife decal;
  • Fixed texture resolution of white MOBIL 1 decals being 512px wide while user has installed 256px decal pack.

  • If your customized cars become transparent or constantly damaged or they're visually messed up in some other way after installing multiple mods that add new decals, the NFSMW Addon Decals v1.2 is not the reason of that.

  • When scrolling further decal #128 (Shell Motor Oils) in the game, decal icons on the top of the screen will stop to scroll and then will slowly scroll backwards. Fortunately it does not affect gameplay in any ways.
  • After updating the mod from its previous versions to 1.2, some decals that were installed on your customized cars may be switched to other brands.

Tools required for installation:

  • Install NFSMW Unlimter, if you haven't done this yet;
  • Extract contents of this archive to any folder;
  • Launch Binary as administrator;
  • Choose 'User Mode';
  • Regardless you've already installed previous versions of 'NFSMW Addon Decals' or not:
    ► Find and open 'Install_Addon_Decals_v1.2.end ' in the folder you extracted the archive;
  • Find and select your NFS Most Wanted main folder;
  • Choose texture quality of decals you prefer. It's recommended to use '256 px width (standart NFSMW quality) ' if you didn't use any HD decal mods or you have a very weak PC;
  • Choose to save files when Binary will ask you to do so;
  • Done!

MaxHwoy for creating Binary, the ultimate NFSMW modding tool;
nlgzrgn for creating NFSMW Unlimiter, that allows to add more and more stuff to NFS Most Wanted;
EA Black Box studio for creating this amazing game.
All the aftermarket brands whose logos are used in this pack.


apprentice1914 (September 13, 2021 @ 04:19)
Hi Kenathorn, I accidentally installed this mod before the "Classic Decals" by AJLethal. the names are showing but the decal itself is not showing. I have NFSMW Unlimiter and Binary installed.

Kenathorn (July 12, 2021 @ 08:55)
Splash45, no, since version 1.2 you don't have to create a new save, just load any of yours.

Zaivud, well I was thinking about that, but that's hell of a lot work. I don't like AI upscaling, because upscaled images do not look good most of the time, so to make all the standart decals with 512px resolution, I'll do them from scratch, and it's 408 files overall. Maybe I will create such decal pack in the future, but I give no promises.

Splash45 (July 12, 2021 @ 07:01)
does it require a new save? or can it be used with existing ones?

[Deleted Account] (July 12, 2021 @ 03:22)
could you please make the original TEXTURES.BIN to make on 512 px

Kenathorn (July 10, 2021 @ 08:21)
Hey, thanks for your comment!
Yeah, I'm planning to update the mod at least one more time. At the beginning I didn't want to add really modern brands, coz they may ruin game atmosphere in some way, but considering, we have lots of modern addon cars now, I'll probably add some.