[MW/Carbon] Various BMW M3 GTR Real Life Sound Mod [P60B40] by King SlayerLSD/[Drip_King]

Category: Audio | Game: Need for Speed: Carbon

[MW/Carbon] Various BMW M3 GTR Real Life Sound Mod [P60B40]

Improved Version.
if there are any errors, you may ignore them or tell me about it on my YT or Discord.

This mod featiures:
Sound from the Real Life M3 GTR.
For Carbon, Exhaust and Intake Sounds.
For MW it's just the Exhaust.
[Limitations of the games themselves]

This took a long time to refiune it out and it was made possible thanks to these people! :
Myself - for the Samples & M3 GTR Tuneup mod.{Included]
Halcyon - Guide for sound loops
Theunpunished - Developed GIN and ABK Encoders.
Felipe - for Improvement Mod.
Binar Yustanto - for Supplying with HQ Samples.
TurboAfterLifeBros. - for Reminding about the flaws.

Thanks ya'll for the support!
& It will really make my day if you help me out on YT :)

Update 8.696 Features a complete overhaul of the UI and Functions, along with featuring the E3 Porsche 928 V8 Sound.
Update 9.69 Features implementation of the Porsche 928 v8 Sound in MW and Carbon.
Update 9.7 Redone Gin file + Fix for tranny sound.

Enjoy your Game fellas!

Mod Preview on My YouTube!


Erce (April 11, 2024 @ 21:22)
rebuild this for OGVI

Lavidesimple (March 13, 2024 @ 04:15)
Confirmadisimo, están bugeados los dos últimos archivos.

Lavidesimple (March 11, 2024 @ 14:06)
@GetR3kt56, la v9.7_FIX con el sonido del realistic, sí se debe escuchar seleccionando tanto el .gin como el .abk, porque yo lo instalé correctamente, es decir, con el Binary y Unlimiter instalados, sin embargo, los otros IA racers no se les escuchaba alto el motor en las carreras prepartida/tutorial, pero en la carrera contra ROG se escuchan los 3 contrincantes normalmente su sonido de motor y CREO que no se escuchaba el NOS o nitro (no me acuerdo).

Erce (February 04, 2024 @ 08:25)
@KingSlayer Sina probably ment whine instead of while

KingSlayer (January 09, 2024 @ 13:36)
@GetR3kt56 Man, something is fucking up every time... can you please try a previous version and tell me if it works?
Also I have noticed that this mod just doesn't work when the game has been modded extensively before So... yeah.

Uploaded at: July 02, 2021 @ 07:22


4ee404-BMW M3 GTR v9.7_FIX.zip (Size: 2.81MB) Latest Version
7743ed-BMW M3 GTR v9.69.zip (Size: 2.51MB) Old Version
813581-BMW M3 GTR v8.696_FIXX.zip (Size: 2.37MB) Old Version