Ultra+ Graphics [DISCONTINUED] by 7ndrew

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Ultra+ Graphics [DISCONTINUED]

Quick edit #2 as of 02/02/2022: This mod shall remain unfinished as Konix_PY did a much better and actually finished version of what this mod originally aimed to be. I recommend downloading his mod instead. I will keep mine up for the 4096x Wraps only.
Quick edit as of 10/27/2021: I've been getting messages if this mod is abandoned because I never updated it. Y'all are right, I never did, because uni doesn't allow me to, nor do my ongoing mental health issues. That being said, the mod is not "abandoned", I do have plans of updating it, LATER.

NFS Heat - Ultra+ Graphics v0.5 BETA
By 7ndrew

Trailer: trailer link here when 1.0 is out

  • v0.5 BETA
    • Intial release


Usage guide:
  • Open Frosty Mod Manager (not the Editor!)
  • If you have not yet created a profile for NFS Heat, click on "Scan for games" and click on NFS Heat once it's finished
    • If that doesn't work, click on "New", locate NFS Heat's ".exe" file and open it

  • If it tells you that the SDK is outdated, follow the on-screen instructions
  • If it asks you for the encryption key: https://pastebin.com/VTejKgiN
  • Click "Import Mod(s)" and select the ".fbmod" files
    • You can also drag and drop these files on FMM's window

  • Click "Launch", and the game should launch with the applied mods

  • -4096 WRAPS
    • This mod increases the resolution of all wraps in the game by 4 times - from 2048x2048 to 4096x4096.

    • This mod re-enables dynamic shadows cast by most streetlights and other light sources.
    • Note: I am aware that there are still some lights which don't cast shadows. I plan to improve upon this in a future update, but for now, this will do.

Future plans:
  • -8192X WRAPS

Frosty Toolsuite Discord server: discord.gg/nrq7G5Q

Report bugs on my blog: blogpost here when 1.0 is out

Want to contribute? There's still plenty of room for improvements in Heat's graphics!
If you are interested, contact me on Discord: 7ndrew#3232


DevZero (August 21, 2021 @ 18:38)
The decals still gives a low resolution looks when it scaled to the small ones, does this mean I have to wait for the bigger resolution?

DevZero (August 21, 2021 @ 17:57)
Can I use the Dynamic Shadows mod with Unite 3.1.1? whats the different between this and Unite 3.1.1 shadows?

faszkivanmindennel95 (August 20, 2021 @ 14:27)
elegge baszo lett :)


Uploaded at: August 19, 2021 @ 20:53